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Old Sep 14, 2014, 09:19 AM
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Excellent work! Luschengerman. I've got a quad that I can't wait to put the video transmitter and camera into. My spyhawk is pretty beat up anyway. Thanks!
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Old Sep 14, 2014, 11:46 AM
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Hi hz6b9k,

nice to hear some feedback! You are welcome Thank you.
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Old Sep 16, 2014, 09:29 PM
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hubsan spyhawk ribbon cable

Can anybody tell me, or post a link where in UK I can get a new ribbon cable from for the spyhawk camera to record module? tried ebay, but they seem to have everything but the 24 pin!
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Old Sep 19, 2014, 12:46 AM
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post 33/page 3

Originally Posted by sickid123 View Post
can you post a picture of how your battery is set in your plane please? I just got my 850 mah compact zippy batteries from hobbyking and im curious how yours is before I start cutting foam out of mine. Cheers!
see post 33/page 3. it shows the details.
i removed the brick that is located at the top front and placed it at the right side, leaning against the side, so this way the 850 fits all the way to the front, in the same position as the stock, just further forward.
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Old Sep 20, 2014, 02:53 PM
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Hi there,
been following this thread for some time and have read it end to end several times and just had to put my pennies worth in.Please excuse any "strangeness" I'm slightly autistic and dont post on many forums but have been so bitten by the Spyhawk bug I couldn't help it .I've built mine out of a box of bits I got off ebay and have basically 2 complete spyhawks and have been modding one as per this thread and am keeping the other one for a scratch build using the electronics from the other one over the winte,.going to build a BV 141,one really freaky looking plane!
obviously the one mod I've done is the atenna mods but the most important flight charateristics mod I've done is to level the engine pod to remove the downthrust and I've NEVER had a crash during take off and only one stall during landing in a dozen flights over the last fortnight,I apply elevator immediately on launch and she climbs like shes on rails and have had a lot of fun. The last flight I got her out to half a kilometre and several hundred feet up with no problems. my next mod is the HobbyKing FPV goggles kit, can't wait .
I do have some questions and hope some one out there can help.....
I cant get the trim numbers on the bottom of the screen,except when the screen goes blue,when I turn the spyhawk off but leave the TX on.The rest of the OSD works there any way of turning it on?
Also I have 2 different RX boards in the "birds" and I was wondering if any one can tell me which board may be the better one? one has featured on this thread before many times and has just one small aeriel that that sticks straight up at the back of board but the other has TWO and a completely different layout.the first board as V3.0 on the back but seems to have version 2 software where as the other has V1.1 on the back and also has version 2 software.....weird or what? if any one could educate me I would deeply appreciate it.I'm including (i hope) pictures of my bird and the 2 different Rx boards,one of the aeriels is broken but replacing that later. look forward to hearing back from the spyhawk community
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