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Old Mar 21, 2014, 01:47 PM
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Originally Posted by bennymack View Post
It is officially my belief that the right front motor is also powered by an nmos. I tested it with a multimeter and the gate is not driven high at zero throttle. I looked at the mosfet code and it is the same on the right front motor as the others on the bottom. IANAEE however...
I agree with you looking at the layout of the board. The gate on that mosfet is connected right to a pin on the bottom right of the IC, through a resistor. My guess is that a positive signal is sent to the gate, making it higher voltage than the source, which is ground.

I am not sure if the leg of the Mosfet going directly to the through-hole post to the motor is the source of the drain... my guess is source.

It doesn't really make sense to me that an IC would control a DC motor with a P-channel FET.

Where did that rumor get started?
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Old Mar 22, 2014, 10:10 AM
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I'm not in US.. hehe from Asia...
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Old Apr 04, 2014, 10:57 PM
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For those still playing with these type quads, Hobby King has the GWS EP 5443 props for $2.25 for six pairs. Our usual source, Banggood sells them for $1.80 to $2.00 a pair.

Orange ones
Gray ones

For those not familiar with these props, they are an upgrade for V9x9, V2x2, Blade mQX and 180 QX, and similar geared type quads. They have a 3mm shaft hole and a small screw hole for retention on the shaft. (WLToys has changed some of it's gear driven line to a 4mm shaft with larger bearings, confirm your stuff before you buy!)
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Old Apr 06, 2014, 09:46 AM
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Fantastic find, Fyathyrio, thanks!!!

I've bookmarked these for future reference. I just wish they would also carry the black ones.

I've been enjoying my V212/nQX hybrid. It's also got GWS props on it and it flies really well. In case anybody's interested, to get those props to fit I had to get V929/V949/mQX-sized shafts. The V212/V959-sized shafts are too long to use with the GWS props without modding the props. I didn't trust I could drill a decent enough hole for the prop so I just got new shafts. Worked great once I got the old ones out of the bearings (a tough struggle on a few of them...)

I did have to add a second piece of foam servo tape to keep my nQX FC board attached to the plastic mount that I made for it. The HH servo tape came loose all by itself while the quad was sitting on the shelf! Adding the extra foam has also helped clean up any wobbles that I got in agility mode. Now that it's finally warm out, I'm looking forward to trying to fly this quad outdoors.
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Old Apr 09, 2014, 12:46 PM
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Hey all, I have been messing with led's recently. Last night I soldered up a QX light rig with 2 red leds and 2 green leds and 2 UV leds for the front props to light up at night. This all came about after buying the lead lined nano qx LED's with 3mm leds all around and 20 gauge wire, and resistors and two pigtails....this thing was a pig. Didn't bother to weigh it, it was weigh too heavy.

Didn't weigh this one either but it feels like it is less than or equal to one of my guards, which weigh in around 1.05 grams.

I used 32 gauge enameled magnet wire. The red and green LEDs are .8mmx.8mmx.1.9mm. The UV leds are quite a bit bigger at 1.9mmx1.9mmx3.2mm.
I soldered resistors right onto the LED's to save space and to make them easy to diagnose and fix.

Ultimately, I will be adding some sort of T-connector to plug it in, but as it sits right now, I have it soldered directly to the battery terminals. Works great and the 180qx/nano qx fc contraption seems to handle it just fine.

I originally had put 15 ohm resistors on, for some reason my led calc gave me the wrong info. So thats what I had bought as I only had 220 ohm smd's on hand, so now the 220 ohm's are whats on the red and green (still bright and saves on power ). The UV LED's still have the smaller 15 ohm ones.

BTW the reason most of us like the green leds better is because the human eye is naturally tuned to that spectrum. If you have blue and red, which both are at the far end of the visible spectrum and on either side of the green 'band' on the spectrum. See the picture below with the graph, you can see that it really falls off, or we perceive very little, on the blue side of things. If you are having problems tracking your quad from a distance, swap the blues for some clear high MCD greens and you'll never go back.

Still moving the UV leds around for best position, but I think this is the spot.
And as you can see I am still on the hunt for brighter green SMD LED's. Although I have no problem seeing them at night, they still get outshined by the red by at least 3 factors.

Here are some pics:

I'll try and get some flight pics tonight. The front 2 props are of different color, I found it was easier for me to orient that way before I added the lights.

BTW the images are huge, so if you want a closer look they should be good to zoom in on.

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Old Apr 15, 2014, 07:12 PM
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Do the BLH7601 boards bind with devo 4s?
My younger brother killed his Ladybird V2's board and I was looking for a bit of an upgrade.
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Old Yesterday, 02:12 AM
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Originally Posted by jm82792 View Post
Do the BLH7601 boards bind with devo 4s?
My younger brother killed his Ladybird V2's board and I was looking for a bit of an upgrade.
Nope. Get a Devo 7E then install Deviation to have compatibility with DSM2/X.
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