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Old Jun 13, 2015, 08:18 AM
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Data Recorder Default Colors

Data Recorder Default Colors

My basic questions is: Is there anyone at Eagle Tree Systems that really cares about their customers?

The specific question is: Why are the default colors in data plots such poor choices and why have you not changed them? And why can't I change the colors and make it a permanent or repeatable change.

The two images explain the problem and show the solution. It is basically that the default color choices suck as far as reading them and distinguishing them from one another. The second image has had the colors changed to colors from the 8 or 16 basic Windows colors and it is much easier to read the data summary box labels and values and see and distinguish the plots from one another. Note that, even with my changes, the labels on the Y-axis labels are still pretty much illegible.

I have asked for help with this here before. I have been using eLoggers for 7 or 8 years and have not gotten the slightest bit of help from anyone at Eagle Tree Systems. They appear to not care about this issue.

The fact that the default colors are persistent and keep over riding and replacing my color choices (made with the Chart Editor > Series menu from a 2D plot) implies that there is a configuration file that keeps re-defining the colors and over-riding my choices.

I suspect, but do not know, that those colors are being set by one of the *.tee# files in this folder:

drive:\Documents and Settings\user\Application Data\Eagle Tree Systems

There are six files there named default22.tee0, default22.tee1. and default22.tee2, factory22.tee0, factory22.tee1, and factory22.tee2 and I suspect that one of them is defining the colors that keep coming back.

As near as I can tell those files have not been re-written or changed since I installed the Data Recorder. So if I could edit them to change the colors the change would probably be permanent.

And if Eagle Tree Systems edited them to get rid of the poor color choices that are there now, everyone could read the plotted data easier and no one would have to change them unless they simply preferred to.

I have to change the colors time after time in every session to have easily read and consistent colors in the screen shots I post to the rcgroups. I have even started another thread to help others with using the eLogger and I included instructions on how to reset the colors in that thread:

Using the Eagle Tree Systems eLogger Data Logger -

I asked for help with this at least two times in the past, the last one was in this thread. The response from Eagle Tree was apathetic at best and the issue is dead again.

Default Colors in Data Recorder Graphs -

I also went to the Steema Software pages, the people that provide the Tee Chart portion of the Data Recorder application, thinking maybe I could figure out how to edit the configuration file for myself. But they won't even let me subscribe to their forums because I am not a customer. Eagle Tree is a customer and they could get help there!

I am one of Eagle Tree Systems strongest advocates in RC as far as using the eLogger. I own three of them, and I have recommended it to others here hundreds of times in the course of my motor testing threads. I'll bet I have sold a bunch of them!

If you want to see how much I use and get a clue as to how often I have had to reset the colors to make graphs easier to read just look through the attachments I have posted here:

My Blog Attachments Gallery -

Or browse the threads I have started, particularly the motor testing threads:

My Blog -

Every single one of them has screen shots from the Data Recorder, and for every screen shot you see there, you can bet that have numerous instances of my having to reset the plotting colors to make my plots both visible, more legible, and consistent. I have had to change those colors thousands of times!

My choices and suggetion for a better set of colors, taken from the 8 or 16 basic colors, are:

RPM = brown
TempA = red
Pack_VoltsA = dark blue
PackAmps_A = black
Watts = dark green
Cum_mAH = purple

Please! A little help here!

@ Anyone that reads this post and agrees with me, please contribute your personal endorsement to this need with a post here. Pro or Con, agree or disagree, it is welcomed! Maybe we can get some action going on this!

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