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Old Oct 08, 2012, 11:30 AM
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im a begginer where do i start!!!!??????

well like the title i'm a beginner i have no idea where to start i want to get into boat racing but obviously i know i cant just buy the fastest boat and race it because i'll most likely and my friend want to know what beginner boats can we get that are good quality and pretty strong and not overly expensive also we live in the Philadelphia are if you recomend any hobby shops. and quick question since the delaware river is near buy can we practice there i mean there isnt huge waves but there is a pretty good current people have drownded in there but not like anything super strong like open water.ALL help is appreciated thanks :
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Old Oct 08, 2012, 01:38 PM
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A question for you. It sounds like your are interested in getting into "hot" boats. There are lots of choices for sure.
What kind of budget are you looking at? That will have a lot to do with where to point you.

There is a trend in RC that is kind of a sign of the times. More people coming into the RC hobby are not as interested in building things as much as in the past, so more manufacturers are moving toward "RTR" = ready to run or sail in this case.

This is both a blessing and curse. If you can buy something ready to run with little or no fabrication, you can get right into the hobby to see how you might like it. But you don't get the benefit of learning while you build. In that regard I share the following:

There are companies like Tower Hobbies (AquaCraft), Horizon Hobbies/Proboat, Hobbyking and countless other online companies out there trying to sell you something - the best advise is to take your time, do some reading on this and other forums that discuss the types of boats you are interested in. There are lots of folks on this forum that will provide you with good information on boats they like.

For starters, whomever you choose to buy from be sure of that companies reputation for quality and good customer service. Before getting into power boat, I got into RC sailing (still my favorite) then into FE's then into RC aircraft.

I got started with one of the better know on-line hobby companies, Proboat (Horizon Hobbies) for a number of reasons one of which is that they have an excellent reputation for taking care of their customers. Being new to the hobby and didn't know a lot, I wanted to get started with something that was not to technical. When I was a kid I liked to build scale models and I am still drawn to models that look real. At the time Proboat was offering a bunch of boats that met my requirements. I have been very pleased with Proboat and Tower Hobbies over the years.

From reading the forum I became familiar with a number of very cool looking and very realistic looking boats. The first boat I got was Proboat USCG Motor Life Boat, then I saw one of their Classic Chris Craft runabouts and had to have one of those.
(I still have both)

From these boats and reading the forum and joining in, asking questions, I began to learn about radios, motors, ESC (electric speed control) batteries etc. In short time I was hooked.

As I continued reading the different threads on the forums I learned about race boats, and I knew they were next! Having had good success with my first two Proboats, when they came out with their Miss Geico, I ordered one. They were sold out in a few days and I had to wait for one. Seemed like it took forever, but I finally got one. (still have it) then got a HobbyKing Genesis and then a Venom EKOS (King of Shaves). See the pictures below.

To make a long story short, It has been years now, and I have owned a couple dozen different boats, and am still hooked. I mentioned RC sailing and that is currently my primary focus - I sold off two of my FE's keeping the Miss Geico for those occasions when I need a change of pace. To me RC flying and FE's are very similar in the rush they provide as well as the risk factor. Race boats are a bit more durable than RC airplanes, but both will crash at some point. Like my flying mentor told me "it is not whether you will crash, it is when" same goes for Fast boats. Having some form of rescue or recovery boat or method is critical in FE's. Large bodies of water are deep and can be rough - FE's don't like rough water - they become aircraft and do crazy things that usually causes them to flip.

I posted a few pictures of some of my boats for you to see. These are just a few examples of different types of boats. There are many more choices. Each of us has our own preferences and tastes. Scale models are mine, but whatever "floats your boat" is what really matters. If you have a local boating club or group, that is a great way to pick up some knowledge.

Hope some of this was of interest and be of some help getting you started.


You can select a photo then double click it and it will expand to give a good close up.
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Old Oct 09, 2012, 05:36 AM
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Hi Isaiah993,

Regarding what to buy, the 'local'guy's can steer you in the right direction.
Also check if there's a club near you that races fast electrics, take a look, and maybe there are some second hand models to be had for the price of a RTR, but (usually) much better build and you can run it to see if you like it.

As for running on the Delaware; such a huge body of water is the best way to lose your boat...
It's hard to see if there's debrie in the water and if you run over something, the rudderblad will swivel up (or break out of the transom), the prop may get damaged and in both cases you'll need a rescue boat to retreive your boat.

If you don't have a rescue boat at hand, the risk of losing your boat is very big, keep that in mind...

Regards, Jan.
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