FoxtechFPV HoryzonHD V4 Camera Review

There's a lot to love about the latest generation HoryzonHD Cam



Image sensor: 1/2.3 COMS 14 megapixel
Prime lens: F+2.8 vision=150 pitch:90
Exposure control: Auto Exposure
White balance: Auto White Balance
Image Format: JPEG pixel 14.4M(4384*3288 4:3)/16M(4608*3456 4:3)
Video Format: H.264, 1080p 30fps, 720p 30/60fps, 480p 30/60fps
Max micro SD card: 32GB
Weight: 100g (main control board, camera and cable)
Monitor: 30g
Available at: FoxtechFPV

The HoryzonHD V4 is Foxtechs latest HD camera. There is nothing else out there like it and it offers a ton of features that appeal to hobbyists. The most unique feature is that the camera lens and sensor is separated from the main electronics board and you can get it in two different lengths. It allows you to put the lens where you want while having the rest of the electronics tucked away or positioned for easy access. Its equally suited for FPV use and it outputs in either analog SD or digital HD so you can combine it with a Lightbridge or other HD video transmission system to get live HD video or use your standard SD transmission system. There's too many features to go over in this intro so we'll break it down later in the review. For now, let's crack open the box and take a look at what you get.

What's in the Box

  • Camera
  • Detachable Screen
  • Main Control Board
  • USB Cable
  • Power Harness
  • A/V Control Power Harness
  • Manual


R/C Shutter Trigger: The multifunction port on the main control board is used to power the camera with the power lead via a 12-25V power source. There is also a multi function harness included that is used to power the camera, but also has some a/v and control leads. The control leads can be connected to two free channels on your receiver and allows you to trigger start/stop of video recording on one channel and to take photos on another channel. This greatly reduces wasted footage and space on your hard drive by allowing you to only record what you want when you want.

Waterproof Separate Lens: The separate lens is what makes this camera different from anything else out there. They offer two different lead lengths currently at 30cm and 80cm. This review unit is the 30cm version. With the lens separated from the main control board, you have some flexibility in where you can mount the camera. It can be a little awkward to mount though. You end up needing to Velcro it somewhere or come up with another solution. There are two posts on either side of the camera that looks like they would be used to secure the camera in some kind of mount, but there is no mount included with the camera. I expect to see some 3D printed mounts soon from 3rd parties. The lens is also waterproof, so you could position the camera down in the water if you wanted to. Just make sure the main control board is well away from the water.

Removeable Screen: The v4 now has a removeable 2" TFT screen that shows a live image from the camera and allows you to see the menu for changing camera settings on the fly. Once you are happy with the camera positioning and settings, you can remove the screen to save some weight. After your flight, you can pop the screen back on and review the recorded footage, it even has a speaker so you can hear the sound.

FPV Capabilities: Yes you can FPV with the HoryzonHD V4 camera. The multifunction cable has analog audio and video out so you can connect it to your OSD and SD video transmitter to downlink the live video feed to your ground station. Want even higher quality video? It does that too. There is a mini HDMI port on the control board that outputs a digital HD video feed so you can connect it to a Lightbridge, Paralinx, or other HD video transmission system to get a crystal clear live video feed from the camera. Pretty cool! There is a slight lag in the video feed in both the SD and HD side however, but that will only make a difference if you are proximity flying.

Video Recording: The HoryzonHD V4 can record video at 1080p at 30fps, 720p at 30 or 60fps, and 480p at 30 or 60fps. You can start recording by pressing the video button on the control board and pressing again to stop recording. You can also start/start recording from your transmitter using the control cable connected to a spare channel in your radio system. They also included an auto record mode where it starts recording as soon as you power it on. The video quality is pretty good as you can see below. It's compressed on YouTube, but otherwise untouched footage.

Photo Capture: The HoryzonHD V4 can take 14MP still images. Just press the photo button the control board to snap a photo. You can also take photos from your transmitter using the control cable connected to a spare channel in your radio system. Another way to take photos without direct control is to set it for a time lapse period and let it take photos while you fly. I snapped a few pics that you can see below in unedited form. They are not particularly sharp and I don't care for the fisheye distortion. I was also getting a weird discolored band at the bottom of the photos.


The HoryzonHD V4 is a great camera package. The whole system is much more refined and polished than previous versions and it offers great video quality and features that make it a decent choice for FPV pilots. I like having the option to extend the camera out somewhere for a shot while keeping the battery and control board tucked away somewhere else. The screen is helpful for changing the settings and reviewing footage in a pinch, but is pretty small and hard to see in the sunlight. Having the option to connect the control cable to your receiver to operate the shutter is a big plus as well as having the ability to output SD or HD footage for your video downlink. Just last week I saw a HoryzonHd V4 cam mounted on a 250 sized quadcopter connected to a Nyrius HD video transmitter and was flying close range FPV with the high definition feed. The HoryzonHD V4 seems to be about options. You have lots of choices in how and where you use it and it will make a great addition for your aerial video setup.


  • Ability to mount camera separate from electronics
  • Can output SD or HD video
  • R/C shutter cable controls included
  • Easy to use
  • Very polished hardware components


  • Can be difficult to mount
  • Slight lag in the HD and SD video out
  • Photo quality not that great

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