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Old Apr 28, 2013, 01:45 PM
in memory of dez RIP
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advice please .

hi guys im wanting to venture into mini and micro multi rotors as i find them interesting . my background is every thing rc started in the mid 80' s from my tyco turbo hopper to hirobo sceadu 30 love it all .
as for flying planes and helicopters im fairly well at it not a 3d expert but mildly capeable. i have not flown a multi rotor much ( hover in lhs is all ) .
anyhow my b day is tuesday and the wife has let me have 150.00 to blow on my multi rotor bug ( lol ) im looking for what and where to buy . as theres no more cash to be had so its a one time shot here i hovered the traxxas and the blade ) but as you know both companys are pricy . a mini and a micro is what im after . i like the x4 and the v959 w camera from what i read . any advice on vender parts and the best bang for my buck will be helpful and greatful thank you .

wayne .
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Old Apr 28, 2013, 02:51 PM
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Hi Wayne,

If you like the X4 you are in a large family of people that do and it is so much fun to fly, so I would have no hesitation in recommending it.

As for the larger one there are many to chosse from and they may be worth looking into as you fly your X4

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Old Apr 28, 2013, 02:54 PM
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I suggest you wait a week for when we have the new V202's in stock and get a V202 and V212, making one of them a BNF since they use the same controller and then slap an 808 camera onto the bottom of the V212.
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Old Apr 28, 2013, 03:02 PM
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there are so many quads being released these days and really many great options, as I'm sure others will recommend.

for $150, I'd say get 2. if it was me I'd get an eye one ($76) and x4 (~$40), then use the remaining ~$35 on batteries (charge harness if you need) and spare props. however, you'll need to be prepared to spend additional $ in the future to keep these quads in the air, depending on your skill, learning curve, and flying style (i.e. aggressive etc). there are simple additions to the x4 you can mod for cheap that will make it more crash resistant - and recommended. search the x4 thread for more info. the eye one appears to have occasional qc issues.

eye one sold here, very fast shipping

x4 you can get from banggood, slow shipping but cheapest

the x4 is very tiny and has precise movement, so it's great for indoors and close quarters in the backyard

(I know, it's a qr1. same thing lol)
Traxxas QR1 backyard fun 1 (3 min 12 sec)

the eye one has more powerful brushed motors and a 2s battery, and in my opinion does really well out at the field in open space, especially because it does not auto-level in "expert mode." it is my favorite quad to fly in this category. it also has a beginner mode that is very tame
RC EYE One: Park Flight 1 (4 min 49 sec)

the only downside is neither of these quads can manual flip, but these days what rtf mini/micro quad can only the originals can (blade mqx and walkera ladybird, and helimax 1sq actually - I think)

of course there are new versions of both the eye one and x4 coming out soon (a relative term). also check out the newer WLtoys models, they seem to keep getting better and better. they are a great first quad since they are durable and all around good performers. massiverc is a good local source. edit: see massive's post right above mine

you can always get an 808 #16 in the future, but to me these little rtf quads really shine doing sport/fun flying
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Old Apr 28, 2013, 05:42 PM
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I started simple and cheap with a Syma X1 ($35 shipped) and a cheap 808 from Ebay for $8. I have never busted the Syma no matter how hard I've tried to kill it. It will auto flip with ease.

The Hubsan X4 has been the most fun, but least durable. The Ladybird is the most stable and obedient (though it can be wonderfully aggressive). The V959 is a great video platform, and I get two views as I've velcro'd Massive's 808 #16 to it (much better video).

But even on 100% throws the V959 gets mushy and slow to resond. If the wind catches it, it will "gyro glide" to scary altitudes and cutting the throttle does little good.

From what I hear, V212 is a great emerging product. So if I started over again and didn't do the Syma X1 (still a great choice), I'd likely do that one. And yes, an 808 #16 is a superb camera.
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Old Apr 28, 2013, 09:34 PM
in memory of dez RIP
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alot of good points made thanks to all for the replies ill get with massive and put togathere a plan of attack.while bg has cheaper pricing from what i read its a crap shoot with cs and qc and on limited funds at this time not willing to squander them on a hope they would get it right .
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