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Originally Posted by Sybergato View Post
Got most of my stuff in today! C-6 X-charger with 4 g-force 1300Mah batteries! Just waiting on the JST adapter now to fly. But before I do I have to read up and maybe watch a youtube video on charging these things. (I don't want to burn down my house.) Any tips or links that anyone has in their hotbar that they could post I'd appreciate it while I look. Hopefully the adapter will be in tomorrow and I can charge these batteries tonight or tomorrow and be flying. Was really windy today so no flight time. Also, Just reading past 4 pages or so and it seems another horror story of swapping the 1806 motors! REALLY have me nervous now. Guess I'll wait to make that upgrade. Next will probably be my FPV kit followed by a new TX (best option being PPM?)

Edit1: Checked a link someone posted earlier.
I'm assuming to attach to FC on board and a Dev TX would be a widely recommended combo?

Edit2: Haha sorry, but I guess my first question would be should I balance all 4 of my batteries first on the para board before charging them? Or perhaps 2 balance 2balance then 2 charge 2 charge? sigh, lost atm still beginning and reading. A good outright step by step with a setup similar to mine would be preferred.

Edit 3: So what I have is x4 1300Mah batteries. To which my charger can charge a max of 6amps. So my math would be 1300x4=5200Mah or 5.2amp charge rate. So to hook all 4 batteries up is to have to set my charger at a rate of 5.2 amps?

Edit 4: Found this page was extremely helpful in confirming my math thinking. Hopefully this is correct.
Info input : 2cell in series Lipo 1300 1C charge rate <<(Not sure if that's correct couldn't find anyting on Gforce specs) and finally 4 batteries. Came up with :
Charger Requirements
This section lists the minimum charger specifications required to charge the battery you specified above.

Desired Charge Rate: 5.2 Amps
Series Cell Count Required: 2S (8.4 Volts)
Charger Power Required: 43.68 Watts
So I'm guessing when I program my charger and it's asks for Amps and Voltage desired I should enter in 5.2 and 8.4?
Just tried the programming and it allows me to balance charge at 5.2Amps but only to 7.4Volts. So I'm holding here until I understand more. Oh I see the batteries are rated at 7.4volts. Sorry you guys have to sit here and watch the process of me figuring this stuff out. I'm not to savvy with electricity.
Lol, I went through a similar process trying to figure things out. A couple of things to note when parallel charging.

1) The batteries should all be at a similar voltage level when you hook them up to the charger. A difference of 0.1 amp is probably fine, but I wouldn't go with much more than that. The reason is that as soon as you hook them up to the balance board (with or without the charger) they are going to start to balance themselves. If you have one battery with a much greater charge than another the lower battery is going to be pulling a lot from the higher. This could overheat wires and may exceed the recommended charge rate of the batteries.

2) 5.2 amps is the maximum recommended rate that you should charge the 4 batteries when all are hooked up. If you are in a big hurry you can go up to the max, but I often charge them at a little slower rate (like maybe 4.5 amps). 5.2 amps is getting close to the max for the charger and I don't like to run it that high. It takes a little longer to charge, but your batteries may last longer if you don't always charge at the max recommended rate.

3) Not all of your batteries have to be the same size to charge together. They all need to be the same cell count (2s in this case), but you can charge 1000mAh batteries with 1300mAh batteries. As I said earlier, just make sure the level of charge is similar on all of the batteries.

Have fun!
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