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Build Log
MS-Composit Loop Build log and review

I'm an intermediate flyer, I'm able to perform simple aerobatics. I wanted a plane that would allow me fun and start improving my skill beginning to learn some 3D manouvers. The plane has to be durable, not expensive, and use my existing electronics.
After some benchmarking I chose the new 3D model from MS-Composit the Loop. This was becouse all their previous model gained good feedback from the owners and becouse this one has the EPP tail (the old one had Depron tail). So went to LHS and purchased one.

The model is packaget into a (tight) plastic bag that includes the EPP CNC cut parts and all the HW needed to complete the model plus an illustrated manual that guides you during the building. You only need a cutter and glue. The parts are painted with a nice looking graphic. Cuts are very well done. The surface of the model is rough but I think it's not a disadvantage (you know the theory behind the golf balls).

There is no predisposition for the electronics, you have to cut yourself the slots for servos and so on. This is not bad since you can choose the configuration that best fit your needs. I decided to follow the proposed displacement and I have to say that it was easy to balance the model at the end.
The wings are painted on both sides with clear colors that help the visibility against the SKY. The only improvement could be to use a more distinguishing graphics between the top and the bottom of the wing to better understand when the model is upside down (and with fast rolls it may be needed).

Since I decided to follow the proposed scheme, the first thing was to cut the ailerons to allow the servo arms movements.

I cut the slots to fit the servos in the wing before starting gluing

MS-Composit includes some rope to fit into slots cut along the fuselage and the wing and filled with CA thin glue. The seller at LHS suggested me to double the rope in the wing cutting two slots dividing the wing into 3 parts.
I decided to follow the suggestion and to join the wing halves before applying the rope in order to keep it straight when gluing (the instructions suggest to join the wing inside the fuselage slot).
I glue the two halves using hot glue (that I find excellent with any foam) removing any excess of it to reduce weight.
I cut the 2mm deep slots using a metal straight edge and a cutter with a new blade (I had previously marked poits to allign the straight edge).

Inserted the rope keeping the wind straight (pay attention that the wing is tapered). I helped with a flat screwdrier and applied the glue while keeping the rope tensioned. I have to admit that the end result is nice. The wing is rigid and with the two parallel ropes has gained also torsional rigidity that may help when ailerons apply some force.

I applied the rope to the fuselage too using the same tecnique.

Then I glued the provided servo mounts and then cut the slots for the tail servos. I followed the design that concentrate all the weight around the COG so that there is less resistance to any kind of movement aroud the COG.

I reinforced the elevator using the provided CF strip

I inserted the wing inside the slot forcing a bit diagonally into the fuselage. It's not difficult but I had to pay attention not to stress the EPP. I built a jig using a couple o cofee tins to keep the wing perpendicoular to the fuselage while the glue was curing.

I used thick CA to glue the wing and hot glue for the plastic undercarriage holder.

Then glued the tail elements and tail skid (included). I cut the slots for the control horns and for the prebent wires. Mounted the servos and connected them to the rudder and elevator. What is nice is that I had to invent nothing or add HW. Everything was included and nice quality.

Same thing for the wing servos

I like to put the wing servos a bit toward the center to limitate the torsion of the ailrons that are quite flexible. Maybe that in future I'll add a couple of stripes of fibre tape to strenghten them.

I mounted the motor and balanced with the battery.
The battery is put under the left wing to counterbalamnce the motor torque.

I balances nicely with the battery under the wing.

After 4 - 5 hours the plane is ready to fly

As I anticipated, I used the electronics that I had available:

Motor Turnigy D2830 1100Kv
2x HXT 900 servos (tail)
2x Corona BB 9g servos (wing)
ss20 esc from HK
sf 10x6 prop
Turnigy 1000 maH 3s lipo
FRSKY 7ch receiver

The weight at the end is a bit over the 400g. With a smaller motor and battery I could save some weight but it's in the ballpark.


The COG indicated in the istructions was almost perfect, just a slight adjustment and it has the same behaviour going upside down or normal. Just a bit of aileron trim and was perfect.

I started with 50% EXP and 50% D/R. Since it's the first 3D plane I was not 100% confident to be able to manage all the excusion of the surfaces.

I started with some sport flying with D/R. I hand launced it and it flow nicely from my hand. I goes true without any tendency and goes where you point it. It is quite fast with the motor/prop combination with unlimited vertical (I could save weight with a smaller motor and battery). I made some turn and slowed it down almost at walking speed. Excellent slow flight. Tried to stall it and the nose falls nicely down, gain speed and flies again. No wing drop. I love it.
Tried some simple aerobatics. Loops, rolls, slow rolls, 4p rolls, snap rolls are easy and straight (just my thumbs need some exercise).
It's quite easy to keep the vertical then hammerhead.
I slowed it down, no D/R and tried something that I've never done before. Started with Harrier, very nice for beeing the first time, I was able to keep a straight knife edge and then a snider while in knofe edge. I made a couple of nice elevator ending with harrier and a (almost) flat spin. The model recovered nice from it.

I went back home with a grin on my face. A lot of fun in little box.


I'm not the person who can say if it's the ultimate 3D machine.
For sure it cost less than the other similar planes that I've seen in the shop (and online), it's durable, it flys very well. It's quite easy with reduced throw on the controls and well responsive with full extension. In my opinion it's the model that allow an intermediate flyer to progress while having fun without the fear of breaking an expensive 3D machine. You can fly more relaxed. It's also the plane that you get after flying your expensive scale plane to have fun and try stupid manouvers at the end of the day.

Last I was impressed by MS-Composit customer service. I had several questions before and after purchase and they were quick in the answers and very kind. I consider it an important value added.

What I would improve:
- packaging, the parts are compressed into the small plastic bag and exposed to everything. A bigger bag and eventually a box would help;
- a more contrasting graphic on the bottom of the plane to better understand it's behaviour

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Nice report. Been looking at one for my son at the LHS. I started 3D with a foamie just like this. Great trainer. I got the Sniper from Hyperion only a few dollars more and it comes in a box. Have fun!!!
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Yesterday I had another nice session. I was starting to get some confidence. Too much. And I made a power nose into the earth landing.

I broke the nose in three parts.

I was happy to see that EPP breaks in a very clean way. The broken parts fits together very well. I applied some CA and now I'm waiting for it to dry (I've finished the activator). It should be back as new (I hope).

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