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Old Jul 04, 2012, 11:35 AM
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Please reconsider.

To whom it may concern,

Please consider that you may have suspended the wrong accounts.
Matt (MDonnahoo)has been supportive of RCG membership and has been respectful of all.

His advice was much appreciated by myself and others. Very few people have offered to help me understand the workings of these engines we use in our hobby when I have asked. Yet both Matt and Konrad have taken a lot of time and effort to answer my questions in which many may just define as Lilliputian, because many, themselves, cannot answer my questions. Yet, Matt and Konrad have took the effort to spell everything out very carefully in terms that I would understand. And their advice has always lead to success. Then they are attacked, because they help me, by certain members of this- and other forums. The attack is personal and the only reason I can imagine they would publicly say these types of things against Matt or Konrad, as they have, is out of pride. They have been embarrassed because they have been shown- not purposefully to publicly humiliate- but unintentionally shown they have a lot to learn themselves. These 2 men, Konrad and Matt, have been -and are being- publicly attacked, personally bullied, and I am afraid their haters may have dragged you into a personal vendetta against them.

Please reconsider what is really going on here.
I for one had to close my engine thread- not because of Matt- but because of the venomous nature of some of other members of this site.

It is clear to me that Matt has been concerned with the well-being of the membership in his posts.

In this thread- he showed this again by linking to one of the best engine men this site has seen. Most of his subsequent post there were to defend his friend's name (Konrad) against the bullies that slandered Konrad knowing that Konrad's account was suspended and that he could not defend himself.

Some claim that Matt is an anti-OS troll. I see no evidence to support this. In fact he has praise for OS in my other threads- for example post #40. He did not post in any other of the many OS threads in the engine forum. He made posts only in this OS thread because he had factual information to share with the OP. He stayed only to defend the name of his friend against a few attacking Konrad and himself on this site. I for one applaud his actions to help the membership (the OP) and his courage to defend his friend. His advice is technically accurate!

In his last thread he asked for guidance in how to address the warning point issued against him. He also gave some advice on how to make this site better. Following the links I give and the ones he offered it is clear that has not been fairly dealt with. I donít blame you (moderator), but those that are craftily misleading you.

Please place the membership above all else in your decision making. Please don't lose sight that the valued content of this site is user generated and as I understand- the site is supported by these same supporters.

Matt has been suspended unfairly as I have endeavored to show, because of people on this site that have had their pride hurt. So they endeavor to destroy people and tear them down just to build themselves up, and pull you (moderator) into their personal agenda against those that can actually help others. Please correct this appalling action.

Lastly, there have been accusations that Matt and Konrad are one and the same. I hope you will believe me when I say that is not true. Because- that is not true.

Please reconsider the action taken against Matt. I hope you look into the few links I have given in his defense and see that Matt has been misrepresented to you.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Brian Lundberg
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