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Old Aug 22, 2013, 05:30 AM
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Originally Posted by jbovinich View Post
I believe this is the same board they are now selling at hobbyking.

Multiwii and Megapirate AIO Flight Controller w/FTDI (ATmega 2560) V2.0

It is under multirotor, fc controllers. Go to the global warehouse, go to the fc's page go down to the files section and there are several files and a manual.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the suggestion but I think the Witespy 3 board looks much more like the one I have as far as the pin layout and labeling. The only thing (to me) that looks the same is that it has the ATmega 2560 chip.

Hard to find a setup instruction for the Witespy 3 even..

At least I know that the radio controls are on the correct pins. Also, I am using the Aerosky controller that came with my quad because it was a working combo that ruled out a problem. Now I'm wondering if it might BE the problem as I can not set the MIN and MAX throttle in the controller itself. That's why I edited the config.h file hoping it would let me do a calibration from the controller.. So far no go. Just chirping on each motor.
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Old Aug 23, 2013, 06:49 AM
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Ok, a little progress. I was calibrating all 4 ESC's at the same time and apparently that was not working. I calibrated them individually and the beeping has STOPPED!
So, now it looks like it is booting up correctly but there is still a few issues.
One is that when I have the arrow on the board facing forward and I look at the horizon gauges in Mission Planner it is not correct. If I tilt the copter forward it looks as though I am leaning it to the left. I'm sure that's not a huge thing to fix but it's on the list.

The bigger problem is that I can not do calibrations or start/stop the motors from the controller.
I was able to do the calibrations in Mission Planner from the terminal screen (typing setup, level, accel, etc.)

I am using the aerosky controller that came with my Aerosky H100.

I guess I am unsure as to how to set the limits....? I went through the calibration of the radio in Mission Planner and it said it set new limits. The attached image shows the results.

I'm missing something, I just don't know what it is yet. Any more advice?
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Old Aug 24, 2013, 07:50 AM
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Ok. I switched over to my JR X9503 and everything shows fine in the radio calibration screen. I have my end points in my controller set so the readings are now about 930 on throttle low end and about 2030 on the high end. I did this for each axis of the controller.

I think everything might work if I could get my accel calibrated! In Mission planner, if I press the button I get no prompts as to which direction to turn the copter.
If I go into the terminal and type setup and then accel it simply goes down a line and does nothing.

Whats going on?
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Old Aug 26, 2013, 07:41 AM
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Well.. no responses.. I believe I have everything calibrated but still not getting motors to start up. Im not using the GPS at the moment.
I can ARM the board and Disarm aswell but when I arm the board it sits idol until I apply some throttle. When I apply a little throttle it starts to beep once per second.
All indications in the HUD show correctly. Compass and level all look good.
The only numbers that change in the "quick" view is the Yaw which I guess makes sense since Im not using the GPS.

In my JR 9503 I have the travel adjustments set to 150% for thro, aile, elev, rudder.
Reason was to get my readings to be below 950 and above 2000 in the radio setup screen.

I am under the assumption that it must be this way for the board to see that the controller is past the limit needed to be considered max and min.

Anyone see anything wrong with what I've done so far?
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Old Aug 27, 2013, 07:15 AM
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I got it running.. thanks anyway
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Old Oct 02, 2014, 09:51 AM
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Multiwii 2.3


/************************************************** ************************************/
/*************** IMU Orientations and Sensor definitions ********************/
/************************************************** ************************************/

Join the bottom

#if defined(AIO_MPNG_3)
#define MPU6050
#define HMC5883
#define MS561101BA
#define ACC_ORIENTATION(X, Y, Z) {imu.accADC[ROLL] = -X; imu.accADC[PITCH] = -Y; imu.accADC[YAW] = Z;}
#define GYRO_ORIENTATION(X, Y, Z) {imu.gyroADC[ROLL] = Y; imu.gyroADC[PITCH] = -X; imu.gyroADC[YAW] = -Z;}
#define MAG_ORIENTATION(X, Y, Z) {imu.magADC[ROLL] = Y; imu.magADC[PITCH] = -X; imu.magADC[YAW] = -Z;}
#define MPU6050_I2C_AUX_MASTER // MAG connected to the AUX I2C bus of MPU6050
#define I2C_SPEED 400000L //400kHz fast mode
//servo pins on AIO board is at pins 44,45,46, then release pins 33,34,35 for other usage
//eg. pin 33 on AIO can be used for LEDFLASHER output
#define SERVO_1_PINMODE pinMode(44,OUTPUT); // TILT_PITCH
#define SERVO_1_PIN_HIGH PORTL |= 1<<5;
#define SERVO_1_PIN_LOW PORTL &= ~(1<<5);
#define SERVO_2_PINMODE pinMode(45,OUTPUT); // TILT_ROLL
#define SERVO_2_PIN_HIGH PORTL |= 1<<4;
#define SERVO_2_PIN_LOW PORTL &= ~(1<<4);
#define SERVO_3_PINMODE pinMode(46,OUTPUT); // CAM TRIG
#define SERVO_3_PIN_HIGH PORTL |= 1<<3;
#define SERVO_3_PIN_LOW PORTL &= ~(1<<3);


/*************************** Combined IMU Boards ********************************/
Join the bottom

#define AIO_MPNG_3

GPS (not I2C switch board) then TX2 RX2
†† #define GPS_SERIAL 2
†† #define GPS_BAUD 38400
†† #define UBLOX

Other I2C, commented //
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