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Old Dec 11, 2001, 04:52 PM
Liquid Fuel Rocket Engine
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Copenhagen, Denmark, Europe
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Ever feel inadequate as a builder?


Do you ever feel inadequate as a builder and pilot?

Sometimes I do. If rated in workmanship and quality, I should never have begun this sport.

I have just messed up 2 speed 400 motors, in trying to get the pinion to fit. The first one I succeeded in gluing up the front bushing with loctite, as the loctite ran back into the motor, instead of staying in the pinion.
The second one I destroyed, cause I bent the shaft, when I tried to push the pinion on with a drillpress. Sigh!!!!

But I keep on messing around, not allways building quite true wings etc., I chrash regularly and glue things back together.

But when I really succeed in making something very nice in balsa, or get a good day at the field, it just beats away the feeling of inadequacy.

Guess that in a couple of years from now (5-10) I will be better in building and flying.

Happy flying

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Old Dec 11, 2001, 05:24 PM
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I always feel inadequate as a builder, and have resigned myself that I will always feel that way no matter how much my skills improve. It takes a psychological toll, but I think the feeling you can do better is what makes a good modeller. It applies equally well for flying, building and designing.

My problem is I tend to rush after I make the first few mistakes - I just want to get this project over and start another that will turn out better. I must learn to have patience from the beginning, which is hard when you're excited about the hobby.

In reality few people notice most mistakes we fret about, like one hinge gap being 1/16" wider than the other or a fuse being ever so slighty bannana-shaped, but they are still bothersome. They represent a failure, and even if it's nothing that should be given a moments thought, we want our pride and joy to be perfect.

There's a fine line between healthy desire to do good and an unhealthy obsession for unobtainable perfection. Maybe the trick is to come as close as possible to the line without crossing it.
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Old Dec 11, 2001, 05:57 PM
eschew obfuscation
Far north Dallas, Texas
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Hmmm...I guess I feel inadequate sometimes. Usually my planes come out looking good, despite what I know are imperfections. I seem to get compliments though. So perhaps I'm really satisfactory.

When it comes to excitement and rushing to completion, MY PROBLEM comes AFTER the building is done. I want to go fly it RIGHT NOW. Many, many times I have gone ahead and done so, only to lose control and crash due to high wind.

Maybe I have some subconscious joy in the building process so I go and fly knowing full well that the result will be that I have to do some more building!

Then again are those feelings of inadequacy(and awe) that rise up when you see some beautiful piece of work that some noname guy turned out from scratch in a week, or 2 days!


You think he's lying when he says "I started this on Wednesday, 'cause I wanted to be ready to fly on Saturday". Then next week he shows up with a whole new plane and the same story!
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Old Dec 11, 2001, 06:41 PM
Rehab is for quitters
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I'm guilty of both. Models are generally ugly and shoddy looking.
Plus, I also try to fly them in breezy conditions. Then they crash.
Made a coroplast delta flyer. Just a flat triangle. Launches okay
but descends upon launch and flies into ground. Main problem is
its 2mm coro and isn't stiff enough. I have to put more strapping
tape on it. Currently have a coro/foam plane under construction
that will be powered by a mag mayhem. Also have meat tray foam and paper backed foam board to build with. Of course, I've only been building only a couple of months. I fly better than I build.

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Old Dec 11, 2001, 09:03 PM
Motors beat engines!
Milwaukee Wisconsin, United States
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My planes always fly well and I really get a kick out of making a little chunk of pink foam fly like something much more expensive.

My down fall is in the looks dept.

I am improving steadily here, but most of my planes arrive at the field for their maiden flight looking pre-crashed.

I truely belive that covering, whether its iron on or taping, is the hardest part of building. ( everything else can be hidden inside. )
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Old Dec 11, 2001, 09:35 PM
Visitor from Reality
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I've met some real good modellers - I won't mention names to avoid embarrassment, though one is Doug McHard of England and he almost certainly won't be reading this as he only does little bitty FF models.

Doug was not only the highest class of aeromodelling craftsman you could hope to meet, he did everything in life to the same standard. His photo scrapbooks were leather bound, one exquisite 8 x 10 black and white print, done by himself of course, per page. To add extra challenge, Doug was always doing models of really odd, wierd and "completely the wrong shape to fly as models" aircraft. They all flew too, he's been known to spend years trimming out a model.

Faced with that level of talent, I'm happy that they don't weigh too much, can fly some and not fall apart on landing. I used to delude myself that I could design, build and fly RC scale, then I'd go to a comp and see how it should be done...

Now, I stick to easy build kits and simple designs. I really ought to BARF, but I have some little pride left in my limited abilities. Building fast is something most can only hope to do if reality keeps its nose out of your life. I can recall when I could scratch design and build a new model in days, but then I recall what the rest of my life was around that time...

The important thing is to resolve to make the next one a little better, a little lighter and to think more carefully about each step. Or give in and get out the cheque book.
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Old Dec 11, 2001, 10:10 PM
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Inadequate, Bob Dole felt inadequate and then the little blue pill came out and next thing you know he is in commercials w/ Brittany Spears, go figure!

Just kidding, be proud of anything you build yourself! At least it's not an ARF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Old Dec 12, 2001, 02:23 AM
Thumbs a blur
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Allen,Texas USA
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For some reason when I build planes from scratch. The uglier they are the better they seem to fly. Most of them are stick Fuse. Foam wings from kid gliders.
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Old Dec 12, 2001, 02:49 AM
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Hong Kong, Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong
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After 6-7 years of building conventional balsa models, I consider myself to be a decent builder. I have improved the quality of my models, simply by taking my time, and making building jigs, and using squares and reference lines to make sure that every concievable part of the model is correct. The other thing I have learned is that when I take my time, I actually build faster, as I have also found ways to speed up my building time.

I now always wait until I can get the appropriate part, no more "aww this should do" (unless its a field fix)

Designing my own models and striving for the perfect covering job has made my planes stand out at the club field. (That and they're pretty much the only electrics on the field) A lot of the guys can't believe that me, a teenager (not for much longer) could design, and construct a plane. Most would assume that kids would have an ARF, and are too lazy to build.

If you want your planes to be built perfect, all I can say is take your time and practice, practice practice. (both building and flying)


www.geocities.com/rc_eflyer -Paul's Electric Page - Free Plans
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Old Dec 12, 2001, 07:08 AM
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To give up is inadequate, to peserveer against the odds is to succeed
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Old Dec 12, 2001, 08:48 AM
Old Desert Rat
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Rimrock AZ. USA
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Welcome to Ezone Larry.
Well Guys, if this hobby was easy we would find something else to do. It is the degree of difficulty that makes it fun and rewarding. Your life experiences has a lot to do with your skills. As a carpenter and cabinet maker I'm use to tools and wood.
As a motorcycle racer I use to running thing over and going for broke. That part doesn't work well with wimpy balsa planes.
I have never learned to stop and think before action, I just blunder through life and have to "go back" a lot. Seems like I would learn but I don't. If I wasn't the boss I would fire myself.
But all and all, Ain't life fun??
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Old Dec 12, 2001, 09:07 AM
n/a Posts
Re: Ever feel inadequate as a builder?

Originally posted by JensJakob68

Do you ever feel inadequate as a builder . . . . . JJ
Yes I do. Evey time I build TWO left wing halves. I'm thinking that I should buy two kits, and build two planes . . . .

I AM getting pretty goods at building wings, though!!!

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Old Dec 12, 2001, 12:15 PM
Liquid Fuel Rocket Engine
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Copenhagen, Denmark, Europe
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Thanx for the support

Thank you all for the support.

My last 3 planes are all ARF. The Alliance (still on shelf), a Picojet (died after 5 minutes in the air, somebody moved the ground in front of my flightpath) and the Wingo (on the shelf, has gotta get a new gearbox for it)

I have a 2M glider (Blue Phoenix) kit on the shelf, has had it there since XMas last year, havent had the time to get building.

Though last spring I did scratch build the Merliner, http://www.zorck.dk/rc/ really nice looking plane, gave me lot of flying pleasure and building pleasure (now retired in the basement, I pulled the servoes to use in the Wingo instead.)

As I became a father this summer, I find myself with a lot less building time (unfortunately), so most of my flying (and building) will be done with ARF.

Unfortunately I even succeed in destroying these form time to time, either trough assembly or chrashing.

Should I give in, and buy a Picostick for flying in the backyard?

I guess that I've just been hit with a mild form of burn-out, combined with 10 thumbs syndromes (both building and flying).

But I will get back in the air again, I promise.

Best regards

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Old Dec 12, 2001, 08:19 PM
characters welcome!
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Inadequate? Plenty. As the Desert Rat stated, if this was easy we wouldn't be doing it. Conversely, if it was easy, everyone ELSE would be doing it!

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Old Dec 13, 2001, 12:03 AM
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Wilkes-Barre/Scranton, Pennsylvania, United States
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No matter how many people admire my efforts they are to me not good enough. You may not see the flaws but I know they are there especially if they are internal. At least most of my work flies well.

I have never built a plane that I was completely satisfied with.
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