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Gaui GU 365 Flybarless Setup How To!

Hello all... I will explain how to seup the Gaui GU 365 Flybarless unit! Some people have had problems seting it up, so I am going to write a short how to..

Step 1 : Get your radio and make sure all sub trims, EPA's and expo are set to default. Plug in the servos for the swash into the corresponding ch on your rx. Once you do that you can set your servo reversing and sub trim, you also want to go to Swash mix and change it so that the swashplate is moving in the correct directions.

Step 2 : Now that all the servos are centered and moving in the correct directions mount the GU 365 where you would like.. It can be mounted vertical or horazontal. If you mount it vertical make sure switch number 4 is in the "off" position, When mounted horizontal swicth 4 should be in the "on" position. Plug the servos into the correct plug on the GU 365. They are labled on the unit ALE, ELE, PIT, RUD, and ESC. The wires comming out of the 365 are to be pluged into the receiver. Here is what the color's are...

3 wire (ch-aileron)
Red (ch-elevator)
Orange (ch-throttle)
Yellow (ch-rudder
Green (ch-5/gyro gain)
Blue (ch-pitch)

Step 3 : The GU 365 allows you to use two types of servos, Digital and analog.. You can choose the type of servo for the tail and the swash by using switches 1 and 2... Switch 1 is swash servo type, for analog servos the switch should be in the "on" position and for Digital and the "off" postition, same for the tail servo type but use switch 2 to select Digital or analog...

Step 4 : If you are using a seperate gyro other than the built in tail gyro, unplug the yellow and green wire and plug your gryo rudder and gain wire into the receiver directly.

Step 5 : once you set the EPA or swash value in the radio you need to input it into the GU 365... First make sure switch number 3 is in the "on" position... Turn your transmitter and receiver or plug the battery into the esc, let the GU 365 initialize and set.. The light should be green, if it is not turn the gyro gain or EPA on ch 5 up untill the light goes solid green.. Next turn the number 3 switch to the "off" position, the light will start to blink red... Move the Tx elevator stick to the full up position untill the light starts to blink green, once the light starts blinking green you can let the stick go and turn switch number 3 back to the "on" position...

Step 5 : Now its time to set the gyro direction for elevator aileron and rudder... Looking at the nose of the helicopter when you tilt the heli to the right the swashplate should move to the left, looking from the side of the heli when you tilt the heli forward the swash should tilt opposite and go back... If the aileron or elevator is reversed switch number 5 and 6 are the reverse switch for aileron and elevator, Switch 5 is aileron and switch 6 is elevator... Once you have the swash set to the correct direction set the tail so the tail moves in the correct direction and when you move the heli the gyro corrects in the opposite direction... If you move the tail and the gyro moves the same way the then the gyro for the tail is reversed and can be fixed by changing switch 7 to the "off" or "on" position...

Step 6 : Now that all the gyro directions are set its time to set the gain.. the gain is set at the factory at a default position, when you start making adjustments make very small ones becasue it doesnt take alot.. The adjustment Pots are labled Ale 1, ele 2, and rud limit 3... Set your rudder limit so that you dont get tail servo binding in either direction.. When setting the Aileron and elevator gain settings it is pretty much different for all helicopters so I am not going to give any value.. Start with what it is set at from the factory and if the heli shakes from the head turn the gain for both aileron and elevator down a little untill it goes away... The lower the gain the more sensitive the heli will feel so it is best to have it as high as you can without getting any oscillation... To set the tail gain is either set with the EPA on ch 5 or gyro gain in your radio...

Well I hope this can help some of the people setup their Gaui GU 365 Flybarless gyro system, It works very good for me and is a great stabalization system for the price.. I got mine at which had very fast shipping and great service... If you have any questions just post here in the thread or PM me... I have also attatched the manual for anyone who would like to take a look at it.. Thanks for reading!

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Old Apr 12, 2010, 08:30 PM
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Yes I know this is a old post.
But I ran into a problem, that others may also. And not realize what is wrong.
When you get to step 5, if you are using a external gyro for your tail. The led will NOT turn green at first start up. You need to hook it up like you are going to use the Gaui tail gyro. The once set up if you want to use a external gyro, just disconnect the wires to the Gaui unit for the rudder.
Remember that if you do this it will NOT turn green to show that it is initialized...
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Old Sep 16, 2013, 08:10 PM
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This might be a old post but there are new old newcomers and it is a good post
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