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New Product
AGA POWER 65C Lipo Batteries @ AirShowRC

These are not sissy batteries!
Best Battery, Best Value, Right Here! Right Now!
We like these batteries so much, we only sell 65C.
Notice increased performance over your old 40C batteries.
Special Order Custom made to order batteries. Guaranteed fresh. Please allow three weeks for production and delivery.


The C rating is the number of mAhs the battery pack can hold. Thus on a 3 cell 2,200 mAh back the C rating is 2,200. The number before the C is the battery pack's discharge rate as related to the capacity of the pack. If we had a 1,000 mAh battery pack with a 20C rating we could draw a maximum sustained load of 20,000 mAhs (20 x 1,000). At this rate a fully charged 1,000 mAh battery pack would be drained in three minutes; a 20C 2,000 mAh pack would be drained in six minutes. That is assuming the motor can draw and is only drawing power at 20C. On the AGA Power packs the constant drain limit is a whopping 65C (with our 3-cell 2200 pack that is 65 x 2200) but it also has a Maximum Burst Discharge rate of 130C. For brief periods it can draw up to twice the constant mAh draw for which the battery pack is rated. There is no harm in having a battery pack with a C rating greater then needed. However, using a battery pack with a C rating below what is needed will prevent you from getting the desired performance and may severely shorten the life of the battery pack that is having a greater strain placed on it then it was designed or intended for use. But discharge is only half of the consideration for the C rating. It also relates to the charging rate as well. The original LiPos could only be charged at 1C which meant long, slow charges. I still do 1C charges when time allows such as the night before an event. However, at the event I often want to charge the battery more quickly to get back in the air as soon as possible. The 65C AGA Power packs can be charged at up to 8 times there C rating. That is charging them up to 8 times quicker. A battery pack that takes 90 minutes to charge at 1C can be charged in about 11 1/2 minutes at 8C. Now as a practical matter my chargers are limited as to how many mAhs they can supply so while I can recharge a 450 mAh pack at 8C, I can only charge my 2,200 pack at a maximum of 3C with my current equipment. Since overcharging (charging at too high a mAh rate) is one of, if not the biggest killers of LiPo battery packs. With the 65C rating and its charge rate of up to 8C that should help prevent that from happening with these packs. This is a very brief discussion of LiPos. If you are new to the use of LiPo battery packs I strongly recommend you search the Internet and learn more about them for your own safety and enjoyment of your battery packs. Handled properly the battery packs can be recharged up to hundreds of times.

Buy them here:

Available in 2S 2200 65C to 6S 5000 65C

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