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Old Dec 24, 2012, 10:27 PM
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dunno why I'm re-replying, but the combo of simplicity of video and music is really haunting (in a good way). Tangentaly, there's a totally unrelated thread that still spider webs into yours...
It's the terrain...
Certain pilots wouldn't dream of allowing their planes (children) out into the streets of the real world. Children (planes) can and should be fettered to the safety of the familiar?!?!
BUT! What happens on a field trip? Would you/they allow the kids/planes on a field trip to explore the wildly varying world about them? Or do we sequester them into the safety of the closet of "their world". If the parent (pilot) has never flown in the martian landscape such as in the above video, how can they possibly instruct their children (plane) to do/or NOT do so. And not just do so, but to frolic and play in this bizarre, unfamiliar world?
How can so many people say one way of flying is the right way? How would they fly in another person's backyard. Would they even dare to? Or would they say "That isn't the correct way to fly because I can't lay a winch line!"?
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Old Dec 24, 2012, 11:49 PM
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Alula or Weasel or any thermal glider would do for light lift and give you something to fly when it's calm. Some folks seem to have good luck flying heavier stuff ( but not really "heavy stuff" ) at Fult's Hill on the IL side near Waterloo, if you searched on the site you could probably get names of people who fly there. I lived in STL for 5 years and scoured the bluffs north and west of the city looking for a decent site but eventually just quit slope flying altogether 'til I moved farther west.

Is Lambert's still there?

who loves him some throwed rolls
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Old Dec 27, 2012, 10:41 PM
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Yelp nauga lamberts still there that would explain me being 220 pounds City evader i hate motor and wind noise music makes it more bearable to watch.Hawk,rosscop.mark.slope pilot and ols scooler thank you for the help i ordered the zagi thl flying wing the other day so may be it will be better suited to sloping in very lite lift. Than my 30 oz upstar that i was trying to use my easy star flew a heck of a lot better the other day got a 5 minute flight. Without the motor on it weighs about 25 ozs. The wing is suppose to weigh about 20 ozs and a lot more wing area to. I got expierence with wings owned to slingers and one ritewing that hit about 120.
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Old Dec 28, 2012, 09:28 AM
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I had a Zagi THL back in the day when they were a mostly styrofoam wing. I flew mine at 12 ounces and she was a nice slope flyer and excellent thermal sniffer. I once tossed mine off my favorite cinder cone in no lift; immediately caught a boomer; got way too high; did a hundred loops without losing enough altitude; and finally tucked her into a rolling death dive to get her down.

My suggestion to you is to build her as light as possible. The current THL's are all EPP and come with a ribbon spar. This will help with durability; but will make it more difficult to get really light. (However this may be OK for your site with some decent wind.)

You might want to consider using laminating film (AKA new stuff) only for the covering... NO fiberglass tape or other covering. Take a look at the "Swiss Fish" thread. You can get to order cut pieces of laminating film at : I think the 1.7 mil would be perfect... or the 3 mil for more durability.

If you go the fiberglass tape and packing tape or iron on covering route (Ultracote) route, then try to use a minimum of fiberglass tape... especially behind the CG. Packaging tape is lighter than most iron on coverings; but does not last as long... always seem to peel off or become unstuck to the foam.

Use the minimum about of glue. I use a four cell AAA receiver pack, three gram receiver, and
moderately light servos (HS85's or 65's). This glider wont be appropriate for combat so metal gears are not needed. I also like to bury the linkage into the foam and use the plastic "Golden Rod" instead of metal rods. Check to see if your balsa ailerons are nice and light. If you get heavy ones replace with contest balsa or Depron, Cover with 1.7 laminating film or the lightest packaging tape you can find. You can mist the ailerons, before covering, with some rattle can paint if you want some color.

If after building you wing you need a lot of nose weight to hit the 7.5 inch CG mark... make sure you have a way to remove some of it. I think most folks will push that CG back a bit to get better performance. Trim for level flight, or a very slight sink, and do some dive tests. If she balloons up remove some nose weight, re-trim, test again. You want her to just barely pull out of the dive. You will need to reduce elevator throws as you push the CG back... since the elevator will get much more sensitive (efficient) as you approach neutral CG. Try some inverted flight too. You should be able to hold level flight with just a little "push." The THL has a pretty flat bottom on her wing; but should still be capable of some inverted flight and outside maneuvering.

Have fun!


P.S. I am a big fan of RiteWing gliders. Here are some videos of them flying in a variety of conditions. My TL50 is about 19 ounces and the TL36 is 12:
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Old Dec 28, 2012, 01:24 PM
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Hi wbuttry,

Like you, I am also new to sloping. However I had the help of some friends that have done it for years and helped push me in the right direction.

We sloped at Sleeping Bear Dunes in Michigan last October. Since it's a 4 hour trip to the slope for us we had to plan and commit to the day. That tightens the way you approach things a bit.

I love scale so I was bound and determined I'd find a way to get some scale ships out on the dunes. My planes for the day were a Multiplex Xeno flying wing. It's great since you can fold it in 1/2 and transport it in the box it comes in. Next I took an ASK-21 and a Habicht each weight 5 and 8lbs respectively.

The trick was to make a sled out of a snow sled and and cardboard box I could pull across the sand to get all my planes and gear to the slope. We had to walk almost a mile on the dunes to get to the prime spot.

The next bit of kit that was really helpful was a windbreak that sets up in about 5 seconds. This gave us a home to keep transmitters and assemble planes out of the wind and sand.

Lot's of great suggestions here.

One of the guys I flew with was flying a Speedo (insert joke here) from here.

It flew very well and convinced me to look at some of their other stuff for cheap but very usable options.

Here is the video of our day. I flew the Xeno to learn what I was doing then I flew the ASK-21 and Habicht. Each of those flights was over an hour long !!!

So 3 flights of over an hour each !!! I'm hooked. We are going back in the spring.

Sleeping Bear Slope Soaring Trip - Oct 21st, 2012 (9 min 11 sec)

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Old Dec 28, 2012, 08:53 PM
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dawsonh I wanna get it as lite as possible gonna bury my rods also and instead of a reciever pack i'm gonna use a 7.4 1000mah lipo with a ubec to run my reciever and use gorilla glue for my spar gluing . i been told i still gotta use 77 spray glue before i cover it is that true or will it be fine with out it? and im using hitec hs55's and i wanna mount a plate for a toe hook i wanna do light histarts with it also on the wing apult .hey joe excellent place for sure i like that blue and gold flying wing thingy it is cool..
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