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Old Dec 13, 2001, 11:56 PM
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Brushless Wedgie?

I know, I know - I've heard it here before that the Wedgie does just terrific with a common speed 400 motor. But I wonder nonetheless what brushless motor would be suitable for this plane. A Hacker B20? Which one? Prop? Gearbox needed? And what kind of performance should one expect?
Also, is the airframe strong enough to withstand the greater stresses or would it be necessary to reinforce with some carbon fiber?
I've ordered a Wedgie and have some time to think about upgraded power system options.
Please let me know what your opinions on this are.
Thanks in advance!
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Old Dec 14, 2001, 11:58 AM
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Superhot wedgie

I imagine you want speed and not just efficency.

Take a look at a direct drive Astro 020 pylon motor (Hot Wind).

Astro Bob even suggests a prop, buy an extra cell from what he reccomends (he can be a bit conservative) find the max amp draw he reccomends and stick to it. Call him and ask.

As far as batteries, I think for light the SR650MAX may be worth looking at. I think the 500AR will not keep up and will hurt the power. Generally, if you got good "inner guts", the larger the OD of the cell the better it should handle high amp draw. You can call Larry at SR and ask him if it will keep up. I have never fooled with the 650MAX but think for the Wedgie with the astro pylon it may be a sweet match.

If you can tolerate more weight then the Sanyo CP1300SCR or CP1700SCR would work or even he CP or RC2400s. You would be surprised just how much weight a wing can lift with a bungi assisted take off. You would also be surprised just how big a flying field you need to fly a heavy fast, not fly slow craft.

Try adding weight to the craft with the SR cells and get it to 1300 flying weight and then 1700 flying weight, and if you are real brave the 2400 weight.

A nice Trick for a bit more duration is to add an extra cell, and deprop a bit. Do not bust the max amp draw though. High amps is what hurts motors a lot, not high voltage. Watts is like horsepower. Amps times voltage=Watts. So adding more cells and keeping the amp draw the same gives you more horsepower. the problem is when you add a cell or 2 and leave the prop the same, you pull way more amps. You need to deprop.

I am running an Astro 010 direct with 11 1000NiMhs on my Zag. It works great and is light with a great duration and reasonable pitch speed.

When flying with heavy wing loadings for the first few times, you may want to launch off a slight slope, or with a bungi. Have some wind 5mph plus the first tome as well. You can get a feel for it and determine if you need a bungi at less say less than a 10 MPH headwind. Would not need much of a bungi, 10 feet surgical and 20 feet Fire or spiderwire or even monofiliment. Mount hook 1 inch ahead of CG for starts.

You may need to reinforce wing and think hard about elevon flutter.

Ron P.
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Old Dec 14, 2001, 02:09 PM
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Please as a wedgie owner put the standard 400 in there and some 7 cell 500 just for one filght, you will need the practaice unless you are used to flying very fast craft. I can get my wedgie on stock setup near 60 mph + on the slow in a straight line and over 75 in a dive. I consitered going brushless but eneded up just using a 4014 and some 1300 scr cells. Thins thig just books. It does not fly very well with a lot of weight the wing is just not designed for this. I have added a three spar matrix like the 3c and stil get wing flex in the stock setup.

Anything like a 020 wil just destroy the airframe. You will need to find a really big feild as well as these things get very out of control in bursts of breezes. You can get almost unlimited vertical with a 4014 witha 02 I would imagine that you would have almost full 3d flying capabilities. Also color the wing for sight not fasion as I lost my first on in the sun and shattered.the airframe.

Just remeber to set you controls to 45% for the first flight or you will destroy the plane. Get everything tacked out as in the manual. The cg has a huge effect on this plane as well so be careful. But most of all have fun as this plane is a real handful.
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Old Dec 14, 2001, 05:49 PM
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I've been flying my Wedgie for about two months now and found on my stock setup, AUW 15.4oz/speed 400/ 8x 600/ APC 4.75x4.75, flys great and times are about 4-4 1/2 mins. I made up some 8x 1100aau packs which increases weight to 16.6 oz using a carbon spoon 5x5 or graupner 5.5x4.5 and get 6 1/2-7 mins. I can't imagine a wedgie with your setup. With your batteries and a cobalt 4014, aren't you well over 20 oz? What prop are you using to get almost unlimited vertical?

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Old Jan 23, 2002, 01:28 PM
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Can anyone reccomend which hacker for this wing? The hacker should give about twice the duration of the stock 400, less weight, and a little more power. Wouldnt this be the preferred setup as opposed to the heavier more powerful Astro 020?
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