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Old Yesterday, 02:46 PM
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My Electronic know how is very limited. I have in a long time wanted to put some stronger motors on my Hubsan, but I know that by doing so I will burn the board, pulling to much amps?

Is it possible to somehow have some kind of a step up with a another lipo and supply power to the stronger motors without damaging the board?

My Other question is I have a couple of Brushless esc at around 6 AMP's, what one has to do to use brushless motors on it, insted of the brush motors ?

Just a small discution would be wonderfull, so that I know what are the chances of doing these Things?

Thank you........
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Old Yesterday, 03:15 PM
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It depends on the final transistors that regulate power to the motors. The difference is slight and would be a few pennies. For all we know the transistors MAY be the same for both models and they just beefed up the motors and added a larger capacity battery. For example; when you are manufacturing on a large scale it may have been convenient to have transistors that happen to be able to handle double the current than needed. Your board designers just do similar circuitry and the layout varies a bit to fit the craft. My Estes Proto X FPV along with several other quads are made by Hubsan. They may have the same transistors in 10 models sold under different names. The best way to tell is to look at the ones on a FPV model vs. one that has the smaller motors to see if they are the same or just read the little numbers, then Google them for data sheets.
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Ok so I went ahead and soldered them up. It was definitely the lacquer or whatever that was the problem. I could smell it burning. But alas! It actually works. I'm only using the top half of the body, as my son decided he wanted to lose the bottom lol. He's about to be 2 so he loves toying around with me, just have to keep a good eye on him. Lost a Tx too ugh. But anyway, it works pretty well. Especially without the fpv setup or bottom half of the body, the thing is stinkin light and quick now. It's not perfect though. Not sure if the board isn't tight or maybe not perfect connection to one of the motors, as it kind of lags sometimes with stick input, than all the sudden it overdoes what you were trying to do. Might be an esc thing trying to keep up with the motors, but nothing is even warm after a battery through it. It's kind of sporadic, so indoors is a little tricky. But for fast forward slalom style flying, it's a BLAST!! Kind of wish I had the fpv version now. I know it'd be slower, but might last longer in the air than my Nano FPV does. With the cam on it, it gets like 2 minutes of flight. At max with my flying style. Either way, this turned into a fun little beater. Thanks guys
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Proto-x motors are 6mm and easily available. The 107C and D uses 8.5mm motors. Before soldering you should scrape some enamel insulation off the end of the wires. I would worry a bit that the FETs on the protox couldn't handle the current the 8.5mm motors draw.
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