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New Product
Cheerson CX-12

[Cheerson CX-12

I recently recieved this quadcopter From Banggood with a Jet shaped foam body on it, the Cheerson CX-12B. The quad came in a clear plastic box wrapped with several layers of foam enclosed in a gray plastic envelope. The box seemed to be a little damaged from handling, but the contents were intact with no damage.

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This quad is unlike any I have had before because it flies in a + configuration instead of an x configuration, 2 motors are front and back, and 2 motors are on the left and right. I did not really even notice that before my first flight, and it did not make any difference with the foam jet body on it for orientation. The lights are red on the front and back motors, and blue on the left and right motors, not a very good combination in my opinion. The jet body is mounted with a small plastic plate and 2 screws. The body has three wheel shaped landing legs attached. There is a battery tray on the bottom and it is attached with a cross on top of the flight control board. The battery tray extends lower than the the bottoms of the motors. The motors are 0612s or 6mm x 12mm. The on/off switch and the charging port are on the front of the quad. The quad with the foam body and battery cage on it weighs 14.3 grams, compared to CX-10 weight of 12.0 grams. The weight of the body with mounting plate and screws is 1.9 grams. The battery tray weighs 0.7 grams. So the quad stripped down weighs 11.7 grams. The diagonal motor to motor measurement is 49.5mm, compared to CX-10 mtm of 44.5mm. The battery came storage charged at 3.81 volts. The stock charger is a USB cord and charged it from storage to full charge in 10 minutes. The battery actually has 120mah printed on it. The props are about 30.8mms long, there is room to install props up to 35mms long. The manual is not too hard to understand.
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Of course I took it apart to weigh the different components, get a better look at the battery, and test fly it without the extra parts.

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Here is Banggood's description of the quad:

Cheerson CX-12 CX12 Mini Fighter 2.4G 4CH 6 Axis LED RC Quadcopter
Brand: Cheerson
Item name: Cheerson CX-12 Mini Fighter
Gyro: 6 axis
Battery for quadcopter: 3.7V 100MAH
Battery for transmitter: 2 x AAA dry battery
Charging time: 30 minutes
Flying time: 4 minutes
R/C distance: about 20 meters
Flying height: about 20 meters
Color: camouflage
Size: CX-12A 170 x 119 x 45mm, CX-12B 174 x 120 x 56mm, CX-12C 157 x 110 x 46mm, CX-12D 157 x 110 x 46mm
Weight: 20g
Diameter of blades: 30mm
Up, down, forward, backward, turn left, turn right, hover, left sideward fly, right sideward fly and 3D tumbling.
With 6-axis gyro.
The flight is stable and easy to control.
Has three speeds (high speed, media speed and low speed), which can freely choose the controlling speed.
Protective battery board makes safer for using.
With flashing LED light for night flight.
One-key to factory settings function.
Package Included:

1 x Cheerson CX-12 Mini Fighter
1 x Transmitter
1 x USB charging cable
4 x Spare blades
1 x Manual

Note: There are four different models with different layouts and varying sizes as noted in the description after Size. The model I recieved is the CX-12B which is actually the largest of the four.


It has a transmitter that is very similar to those of the CX-10, but it is black and white.
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This transmitter had the thumbpads on it, but as I almost always do, I put sticks on it while I was waiting for the quad battery to charge. The flight control board of this quad is green, and it will bind with a CX-10 transmitter that works with the green CX-10 flight control board. My green CX-10 has worked well for me for about a year, but the battery finally failed and I need to replace it. The batteries for the transmitter are not included. The range of the RX/TX was about 40 feet the first time I tested it. After I took the transmitter apart, drilled a hole for the antenna, and stuck it out through the top of the transmitter, the range increased to over 100 feet. The transmitter resets the trim to middle position when you turn it off, no memory.

First Flight

It flies fairly stable, only needed one or two clicks of trim to get a fairly good hover. The yaw rate is rather slow, even on high rate, so quick turns when you are headed for a wall are not possible. It jumps up off the ground fairly quickly and seems to have plenty of power even with the jet body on it. Forward and backward, side to side flying is fairly fast. I did not time the first flight, but the second flight lasted about 4 minutes. After the low voltage warning of lights flashing, I still had at least 20 seconds before low voltage cut off, plenty of time to land. The foam jet body works well as a prop guard, gently bouncing it off of a wall if you get too close. The body also makes orientation very easy to see, and when you pitch it forward or backward, the pitch is much more visible with the foam body. The lights did not help me with orientation, but I did not fly it in the dark yet. As you can see in the picture below, I put some 3 blade props on it and it worked fine, but I did not time the flights. It also has room for some longer props.

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After the first charge with the stock charger, I charged it with my pro charger several times. From an at resting voltage of about 3.6 volts, the pro charger has added from 114mahs to 120mahs each time I charged it. That means that the battery is performing more like a 150mah battery than a 120mah battery as labeled. So it appears to be a fairly good battery. The battery is a SHIDA 15805, 120mah.

I am not really interested in automatic flips, but I tried flipping it without the body or battery tray on it just to see what it would do. It automatically adds throttle before it flips. Without the body/tray on it, in high rates, the quad would shoot up about 5 feet and hit the ceiling before it could flip. On intermediate rates, it would jump up 2 or 3 feet before flipping. On low rates, it would only jump up a little before flipping. With the body and battery tray reinstalled, it would flip on high rates without jumping up as much, but it would drop at least 2 feet below the starting altitude before recovering. It also got a little over 4.5 minute flight times with the body and battery tray removed. The battery is soldered in place, but the wires are long enough to move the battery from the bottom of the control board to the top of the control board.

With the foam jet body on it, I doubt that it would fly well in even a 3mph wind, the flat body would just catch too much wind. So unless you had a very calm day, this would be mostly an indoor flyer.


This micro quad is a stable flyer with three rates. It seems to have good power and a strong battery. It can be easily flown by a beginner and can be fun for an advanced pilot to fly. If you like the CX-10, you might also like this quad.


Strong motors and battery.
Very stable hover with little trim needed.
Same transmitter and protocol as CX-10 with green flight control board.
Three rates, beginner, intermediate, and advanced.
Nice looking body made of durable lightweight foam.
Very good transmitter to reciever range.
Body works well as a prop guard.
Good flight time.


Slow yaw rate.
Loss of altitude during auto flips.
Lights do not help much with orientation.
Body will make flying in wind difficult.
Small body transmitter with thumbpads.

This micro quadcopter was sent to me by Banggood for review. You can find it here: .
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Thanks, for your review. I have the same exact model. I am not used to flying Quads in the + configuration. It feels a little sluggish. Also finding out today that after a few bumps, the thin and narrow parts of the fuselage, near the front prop are showing some weakness. I hope that the seller will start carrying the replacement parts soon.
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Eachine H8

New quad
Originally Posted by siriusflier View Post
banggood has a new quad for sale, the eachine h8 mini quad.

It is now on a flash sale for $13.99 usd shipped.

The h8 mini is estimated to be around 75mm motor to motor diagonally so is bigger than the U939. It has the same small style transmitter. The video posted on the banggood site makes it look very fast with a very good yaw rate. It has headless mode and has a 150mah battery that fits into a battery tray and can be swapped out and plugged in like the u939.

The flash sale only lasts for about another 4 days, so now is the time to get one if you want to try it.

link: eachine h8 mini

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