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Old Dec 06, 2010, 03:40 PM
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Not finding a Catagory for this Silly Question?

Hi All..

I am thinking about making a Merry Xmas banner to fly behind my RC. No matter what material I make it out of it will be light enough to Pull,OK? Now! Has anyone here ever tried a banner before with an RC or even a real plane? I am wondering how the real banners are designed so they fly, staying straight up and not spinning around do to the many aerodynamic issues they contend with. I am only assuming that each letter has some kind of air foil design that tends to keep the letter in proper position. Maybe I'm wrong! ALso I have never noticed how the first letter is attached to the plane. I am assuming that the top tow rope to the first letter would be attached to the top of the tail, and the bottom tow rope attached to the lower end near the tail wheel.? ALso its possible that they use a weight attached to the bottom of each letter to help keep it somewhat vertical. Also, makeing the letters not to get out of hand from flopping around, maybe the plane is flown just slightly above the Stall speed. I'm not sure on any of this

Does anyone have any experience with banners in the real thing, or RC's that can possibly give me any ideas, or somewhere I might find info about Banners, etc.

Thanks anyone!.. Maybe I'm just stabbing in the Dark! Who knows? I am pulling some streamers now just as an experiment, and the plane seems to handle the extra weight OK!
Swaneyjoe.. Calif
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Old Dec 06, 2010, 04:02 PM
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If you don't mind doing a little search work, try the following as there has been a few threads on banner towing -

Click on Search, (upper right), then on Advanced Search in the drop down. (A new form will open).

Enter banner towing in the Keyword(s) box.

Set Search Titles Only in the box just underneath. (you want to search thread titles, not every post in every thread or it make the search results enormous).

Click on Search Now.

Worth remembering for any searches.
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Old Dec 06, 2010, 04:17 PM
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There have been a few threads on it. But I'll answer one question that you seem to be having trouble with. Banners are just what the name implies. They are made of a single long sheet of clear plastic that has a message printed on them in opaque letters. They're not individual letters, they are a single piece.
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Old Dec 06, 2010, 04:23 PM
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Go to and type "RC banner towing" into the search box.

Prepare to have all of your answers questioned

Also make sure to try this one...... "How to make a banner for a RC plane"
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Old Dec 06, 2010, 05:28 PM
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Re: Banners,etc

Thanks Chllphatcat..
I just discovered that while browsing. Yep, it does make more sense to have one continous piece! Then, just some experimentation with it and its size.Believe it or not I'm trying to put the banner on a Park zone mini micro J3 cub.. The banner would have to be made out of Sarran Wrap, but would only be maybe a foot long at the most, since it only has to be read from a max of 10 ft at the most.Note: The method to my Maddness We are the home of the Famous Sierra Railroad. The ole steam locomative and cars. It mostly operates duing the spring and summer months. But it does run the weekend before Xmas. It passes right by our house. The trains are usually loaded with tourists, and the engineers wearing Santa costumes,etc. My plans are to catch the train at its road crossing, then have my little RC come out of nowhere, and fly besides the train for a cpl hundred yards. My little mini cub flys just slow enough to stay besides the train which only travels approx 10 mph.
I tried it once last year with my Pico cub, but it turned out to be a Bummer. I heard the train comming but couldn't see it untill it broke from behind the trees. So I launched the Pico and circled waiting for the train. since the train was on a small uphill climb, and loaded with so many passengers, He stopped to build up more Steam just before comming into site. I got nervous and wasn't paying atten to the Pico and it ended up in the top of a 50 ft Oak tree, ten ft away from the tracks. You talk about being ticked off! I then boogied home and came back with 4 pieces of 1/2 couduit. Joined them together and fished the Pico out of the tree standing on top of my Pic Up. What a chore that was.

Ain't tried is since,so going for another try. If not with the banner, just the streamers. End of Story..
Thanks again, and also to you Nathan. I will check out the youtube video.
Swaneyjoe.. Calif
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