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Old May 22, 2014, 02:05 PM
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hovercraft .. I'll be back with a project

Greetings from Spain friends
First I apologize for my bad English language XD
I was a long time for this forum but I sold all my equipment back and now rc eager.
want to build my rc hovercraft and I like this model.

someone help me a bit?
-1 Or 2 motors?
Greetings to all and I'm back
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Old May 23, 2014, 05:27 AM
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no person likes to help around here?
before a shame ... if helped the comrades
encourage boys!
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Old May 26, 2014, 09:58 PM
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hi there its been very quite for hovercraft lately but have a look through the previous topics theres plenty of info including that model you are interested in. pk
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Old Jul 26, 2014, 06:11 AM
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for skirts, use what's called a bag skirt, for motors, how many you need depends on how your going to mount them and duct the air.

Skirt: A Bag skirt mounts to the top and bottom of the hull around the entire edge of the hovercraft. This is very important for having a hovercraft that can go over multiple surfaces, and do well on water. A finger skirt works even better, but they are hard to make. Just don't use a wall skirt.

this diagram explains what a bag skirt is pretty well.

that is just a small section from one side of the hovercraft, see also

My current skirt doesn't have the little tiny holes on the bottom like those skirts do, but that is because of my lift fan configuration.
A bag skirt skirt attaches to the outside perimeter of the hull, and to the bottom of the hovercraft.

I would also recommend making the skirt removable (my current skirt bolts on with about 60 or so bolts.. it's a pain to change, but you will be glad you did after the skirt has seen allot of use.

Use a material called ripstop nylon. My first few designs used heavy duty painters plastic, and it just wear's out too .

2. Lift - First, LIFT FANS CAN BE DANGEROUS TO YOUR FINGERS!!!! Whatever your design, make sure it includes a shroud or a mesh grill to protect your fingers, I accidentally got my thumb in the way once, and OUCH, had a pretty deep cut for a few weeks and almost needed stitch's. Protect your fingers.

lift fan mounted vertically

If your lift fan is going to be mounted vertically, you can get away with only having one, and ducting 30%-50% of the air to the skirt, and the rest to the area under the hovercraft.

lift fan mounted horizontally

You can get away with having one fan mounted horizontally, but your hovercraft is going to constantly spin like a top while not moving forward, and it's going to resist turning one direction, but will turn the other direction. This is because of the low amount of friction hovercrafts have. The motor spins one direction, while whatever the motor is mounted to will spin the other direction.

It's best to have two horizontal lift fans, spinning in opposite directions, one with a pusher prop, and the other with a standard "tractor" prop(the regular prop used on most front engine rc airplanes) The two motors spinning in opposite directions which will cancel each-other out, Ie: no "spin like a top" factor. This is what I use in my current hovercraft. One lift fan inflates the skirt, the other push's air underneath the hovercraft and provides the air cushion that the hovercraft rides on.

Thrust fan: This can be whatever you want it to be. Right now I use a brushless electric motor with a pusher prop, my next hovercraft however will use two variable pitch props, using a variable pitch prop will give your hovercraft reverse, which can be very handy, but isn't necessary. My currrent design also uses two rudders, but I'm considering using thrust vectoring for my next hovercraft. Should give me a tighter turning radius, and more turning authority, though the two rudders work pretty well.
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