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Old Aug 07, 2012, 08:52 AM
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Looking for 1st RC Helicopter

hey guys, im looking for a new toy, well a RC Helicopter to be precise. Ive got several RC cars, 2 micro RC helicopters and a Medium sized RC Apache Helicopter which although mostly works well indoors have mastered the controls of it quite well and am ready to move onto a proper helicopter now i think.

With a budget of £350 or $550 dollars i want to know what you people recommend on here, i dont want anything too complex but at the same time i dont want a simple model ...something that will work outdoors and possibly isnt too expensive to replace parts on if (or when) i crash it sorta of thing.

Also does anyone know some good UK based RC Helicopter suppliers at all ?

would appreciate any advice thanks
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Old Aug 07, 2012, 11:59 PM
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A Blade SR or mCPx would be recommended. BUT if you already have one of these or a clone of these then you might try a T-Rex 450 size heli.
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Old Aug 10, 2012, 06:47 PM
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I suggest something decent size if you hope to fly it outside, especially with any wind. 450 size is pretty nice for this, but if you have no other experience with 6ch helis, you might want to practice on a simulator. Or take it really slow with a 450 size, that's once you get it flying right anyway. It's a small journey just to get to the hovering stage, depending on what you buy anyway. But if you are serious, and you honestly sound a little bit like I did once, then I say go for it. It's really a blast, I'm sure you know this from the other helis you listed. But a 6ch heli is a totally different beast. Nothing like micro coaxial, similar to a fixed pitch but harder (in some aspects). They're in a world of their own, flying and working on. But you can do it.

BTW- as far as clones go, if I could go back in time I would have bought a 450 trex super combo, as opposed to a clone, but that's just me. Reason being, you get all the better align parts up front (such as bearings, gyro, servos, etc.) It's all personal preference though, some people go with a clone and hook it up with different electronics (sometimes better) than align anyway. So it's all up to you what route to take. Keep in mind though, something like a 450 trex super combo won't leave you much money for a good transmitter, which is essential. But I've heard a lot of people that have good luck with something like a turnigy transmitter, and they're not much money considering what you get, but I can't really speak for it as I don't own one. Where as if you get a clone with some decent, somewhat cheap, electronics to start with, you can buy a good radio (not saying turnigy isn't, look into a bunch of them).

take a look at these links, but don't limit yourself to either one... do research: (mikeysrc)

Search videos on youtube and in this forum to get an idea of what you're up against. Good luck.
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Old Aug 16, 2012, 04:19 PM
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Sure hope the o.p did not go with the blade SR recomendation...One of the worst helis ever put out.
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Old Aug 16, 2012, 08:55 PM
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hmmmmm with $550 I would go for a mSR or mCPx with a DX6i, then start collecting the parts for a low cost 450 clone.

You can start hovering and practicing FFF while you spend a few weeks putting the 450 together.

I'd also consider a SIM....

good luck
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Old Aug 16, 2012, 10:50 PM
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MCPX and a DX6i is the best bang for the buck!
Please take a look at the plink bellow. You will enjoy the read!
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Old Aug 17, 2012, 01:34 PM
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MCPX is also a lot harder to fly do to it's size. I'd recommend a good sim instead of a mcpx. At the point I'm at right now I want a mcpx, this guy's just starting out. Then again if you can learn to control a mcpx, I guess after that you can fly anything. It might get a little overly frustrating. But that might be like saying get a supercar for your first car. If you got the money go ahead.
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Old Aug 18, 2012, 04:08 AM View Post
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Old Aug 18, 2012, 05:40 PM
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Originally Posted by colin269 View Post
if you are looking helicopter then i will definitely help you.i recently bought a new Micro RC Helicopter 3.5CH Single Blade's a wonderful and durable helicopter for me.
there are many other helicopter .it depends on your choice.if you are interested then given link is mention below.
helicopter télécommandé
he said a proper helicopter.
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Old Sep 05, 2012, 12:57 PM
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In my opinion I would get an RC simulator first if you don't have one already. I have both RealFlight (, and Phoenix (, I use them extensively to practice maneuvers especially when it comes to inverted flight. They maybe a little pricy but it will save you a fortune in replacement parts.

I myself have gone the Blade path, I started out with the mSR, then moved to the mCPX. Then after lots of time on the simulators I bought the Blade 450 3D and only crashed it twice out of 50+ flights. And I've never used the training gear. Within just a few months of getting my 450 3D I was able to do mild 3D. Now I have a Blade 450X and my skills at mild 3D are improving, including tic-tocs, inverted flight, etc.

Personnaly I like the Blade helicopters, by starting out with the little ones such as the mCPX it's much cheaper to replace parts. But now they have come out with the Blade 130x, I wish they would have had that when I bought my mCPX, the Blade 130x is a much better helicopter for learning on then the mCPX, but it is more expensive. And the parts are still cheaper when it comes to repairs on the little helicopters.

I have had people tell me not to buy the Blade helicopters, that in the long run I will end up spending more money, because eventually I will end up switching over to Align. They say I would have been better off getting an Align helicopter first, and not wasting my money on the Blades. Most Aligns come as a kit, and they have to be built, and there are a lot of little moving parts, so building one for the first time can be pretty intimidating. Then you have to buy all the electronics, so then your trying to figure out what electronics are best, and by the time you have purchased all the best electronics you can find you end up spending a lot! The Blade 450 was $300, and it flew right out of the box. But now, I'm more experienced, and a friend of mine gave me a basket case of an Align clone 500 (EXI is the brand name on the parts). It was literally a box of parts, but I was able to assemble it, and now I'm just waiting for electronics.

I can't stress enough about getting a Simulator, within a year I've gone to flying the mSR to flying a Blade 450x, with only 2 crashes of my bigger helicopters (I've had many crashes with the smaller ones). And I've had flyers at the field tell me that they have never seen anyone advance so fast with regards to flying helicopters. And I owe it all to the simulators. Each time I've crashed my Blade 450 3D, it cost me about $100 in parts. But I've spent $0 in parts when I crash on the simulator (and I do that on a daily basis).

Again, this is my opinion, and this is how I taught myself how to fly helicopters. Everyone one is different of course. I hope that this helps you in making your decision.

Thanks for taking the time to read this long reply.

Here is my YouTube channel, you can see the history of my helicopter learning with the videos I've made over the past year.
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