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Old May 19, 2001, 11:10 PM
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What Battery to Recharge With?

When flying...what type of battery do you use to recharge your nicads? My Astro 112D has allegator clips, but I'm not sure I should attach it to my car battery. The Astro 112D did not come with any instructions on how to use it.

Best regards,
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Old May 19, 2001, 11:49 PM
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Hook that puppy right up to your car battery! RED to RED, and BLACK to BLACK.

If you want to use a smaller sealed lead-acid "field" battery like glow flyers use, you will need at least a 10 amp version, but more is recommended.

Depending on what you are charging, you may need more capacity.

A pack of 8 RC2400 will take around 2.5 amps out of that 10 amp battery! A pack of 8 600AE will take less than an amp out.

A car battery can handle many more amps, and has a much higher capacity than those smaller "field" batteries. Plus, if it does run down, you have a built in charger, called a car.

Privately email me your mailing address and I will copy my 112D instructions and mail them to you.


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Old May 20, 2001, 12:24 AM
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If you want a field battery, get a deep cycle 12 volt battery. Using the car starting battery will shorten its life considerably as they are not designed to be used in this manner.A good deep cycle battery is about 50.00 and will last you for years if properly maintained. I use a sears trickle charger on mine, and it is 4 years old,and still good. I fly lots since I live at the field. also if you use too small a battery with the Astro charger, you will ruin the digital readout, as it doesn't like low voltage from a battery that is not big enough in capacity. especially if you use 9 or 10 cell packs. Other than that, it is a great charger. I have been using them since I started flying.
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Old May 20, 2001, 05:28 PM
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Ibought a deep cycle marine battery for $47.00 dollars at a local auto parts store. I use it to run two Hitec 335s for charging. Works very nice. Plan to get a case for it and mount bananna jacks and other accessories. John
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Old May 21, 2001, 02:22 PM
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Whatever battery you use, do not, REPEAT- DO NOT, allow it's voltage to drop below 11.6volts. The voltage multiplyer circuit inside the charger will let the smoke out. This circuit has to maintain the higher voltage required when charging multycell packs, above 10 cells or so. A 10 cell or larger pack takes more than 12volts to charge it. The voltage multiplyer generates up to 65volts. As you can see, as the input battery voltage drops this circuit has to work harder and harder, until it can no longer withstand the high current required to maintain the voltage and, POOF, smoke comes out. If the display on the charger fades out, DISCONNECT IT and consider the input battery to be flat. Do not press the start charge button, you will let the smoke out.
How do you know all of this, Obionefinokee, you may ask. Well, I have a lot of spare smoke that you can have and I didn't learn the first time, so I have a lot more smoke than I can use.

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