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Old Oct 12, 2005, 05:03 AM
Steve Meyer
Steve Meyer
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NATS was Hot

F3J was awesome. Very challenging conditions. The winners made it look easy.
Could not believe the number of planes lost off field. I have been in the
corn once, it's not fun.

Martin Doney, Robin Meek, Jeff Steifel and I took turns towing and
timing. Larry Storie did an excellent job as team helper/handler. He even
got his picture in the NATS news.

Home for 2 nights then back Tuesday afternoon to watch the end of 2 meter
and prepare for Unlimited.

On another note: I am sitting in my home-office here being treated by
aircraft formation flying through out the day. I'm about a mile from the
Kenosha airport, have a visual on the control tower, and I just watched a
large squadron, 24, of War Birds pass by on their way to OshKosh.

Steve Meyer

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