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Old Jul 09, 2014, 12:20 AM
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Subpixels Mini Review - The HiSKY HFP100 V2 fixed pitch 6-axis micro helicopter

Welcome to my quick review on the HiSKY HFP100 v2 6-axis helicopter

Purchased mine from tmart and it's Available to buy for $37.97 $36.07 with coupon code tm5ct or from Banggood for $37.99 $36.09 with code newbg

I bought the BNF version as I already have a Devo 7E with NRF240L module installed to fly my HiSKY birds.
Speaking of which, my HiSKY fleet. From the left- HFP80 / HCP80 in esky nano fuse / HFP100 v2 / HFP100 v1 in esky nano fuse / HCP100

The box - is the same as the v1 box, it just has a six-axis sticker over the 3 axis text

Inside the box

The HFP100 V2 helicopter
2 300mah 25C batteries
1 USB charger with USB cable and 2 battery adapter cables
Instruction Manual (Chinese/English)
1 Spares pack including
-Pair of Green Blades
-tail blade
-screw driver & allen key
-some linkages and screws

The HFP100 v2

Not sure if deliberate or not but the canopy on mine still had the protective film on the outside, I'd have expected that to have been removed after the paint job so bit odd to see it still on. So if your canopy looks a bit scuffed and dirty that's why.

The Control board

As you can see they designed the board holder so the base is at an angle, presumably due to the sticky out bits on the bottom of the board on one side

Differences between this and the original HFP100 are pretty small it would appear:

Included batteries are 25c instead of 15c
Control board is new and horizontal instead of vertical like the v1
New yellow colour canopy which is thinner & lighter at 1.53g vs 1.84g for the red v1 canopy
Tail stab seems a bit more flexible
Servo wires are longer

Other than that it all seems to be the same, same mainframe, skids and tail etc.

1st Flights
Binding it to my Devo 7e was nice and quick, quicker than the 3 axis birds and I notice that the servos are now still and quiet unlike the 3 axis Hisky birds where they are constantly centering.
Once airborne it's nice and compared to the 3 axis ones pretty easy to fly, think v911 but faster and more agile with no flybar getting in the way.
Pirouettes are nice and clean and no input other than the rudder was needed, it's quick to react and easy to put it where you want it.

It is however, as with the V1 a touch underpowered and so needs a bit of height to recover as it will not punch out with full throttle, that's my only real complaint about this heli and a shame that hisky carried it over from the V1.

during my 2nd flying session I flew it into a bush, no damage but the tail rotor did pop off and I found after putting it back on it that it can be pushed on too far which causes it bind against the motor housing, so that's something to be aware of as it's a sure fire way to kill the tail fet by jamming the tail.

I hesitate to say this is a v911 killer as it costs a bit more at $65 for the RTF kit, but if your willing to buy into the HiSKY brand, which would be no bad thing, then this is definitely the perfect 1st helicopter and perfect stepping stone to the more advanced and challenging HiSKY helicopters and if you already fly some hisky birds then you might want to consider this as a lazy day flyer or as a candidate for a scale mod using the esky nano canopy or similar.
For a newbie my recommendation would be to buy the BNF helicopter and either the X-6S or H-6 transmitter, that way you would have a Tx that can fly any of the HiSKY birds, both 4 and 6 Channel.

Good price
Very stable and easy to fly
Durable airframe
Perfect to learn on or just for a nice lazy flying session
Cheap spares

Protective film still on canopy
Charger charges at 0.35a (ok) on one side and at 0.55a (not ok) on the other?!
A little bit underpowered
Tail blade easy to push on too far and bind


**Quick update now I've owned it a while

Crashed plenty but broke nothing! has had a dirty bath and I did lose a tail blade, have also nearly killed the tail motor thanks to a bent shaft and a spider web getting right down the shaft into the motor housing still works though
And following the mod in post 20 the lack of power issue is sorted.

Overall I'm now really happy with it and flying wise I give the heli a 10/10 as I really cannot fault it.
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Old Jul 09, 2014, 12:22 AM
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Reserved for esky nano fuse mod and brushless upgrade attempt

As my V1 is inside an Esky nano fuse the only way I can directly compare the v2 to it is to stick my v2 in one as well and so I will be doing that shortly

Ready for merging


short flight vid, will do a proper one, weather permitting at the weekend

HiSKY HFP100 v2 6 Axis - Flight video (3 min 55 sec)
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Old Jul 15, 2014, 11:30 PM
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flight video added
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Old Jul 16, 2014, 02:54 PM
I failed to crash a heli once!
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I have both the HFP80 V1 and V2. I'm still waiting on the X-6S transmitter that I ordered to arrive (slow boat delivery service) so I'll be adding my 2 cents worth to this thread and making some comparisons between the two helis.

I've flown the HFP100 V1 quite a bit so I expect that the HFP80 will be similar. Assuming that this is the case then I will be quite pleased with the HFP80 V2. I can tail in hover the HFP100 V1 but just about anything else causes me to loose control to the point of a crash or haivng to quickly realign to tail in so that I can recover. Fast sure, quick responding, you betcha, controllable so that I can get it to go where I want....not so much so.

Looking forward to finding out for myself.
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Old Jul 16, 2014, 03:10 PM
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Thanks for the nice review!

I noticed something interesting here:

The two big Chinese characters on the left chip reads 科纳 = Ke Na = KN , the maker of the infamous V977 protocol. I wonder what that chip does...
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Old Jul 16, 2014, 07:45 PM
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Thanks for the great review Subpixel! We'll try to fix the problems that you've mentioned and improve the HFP100 V2 as we go along.

@FyreSG, we had some collaboration with them... we buy one of their chips but I don't know what it does... definitely not the protocol though :P
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Old Jul 16, 2014, 09:18 PM
I failed to crash a heli once!
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Hisky HFP100 V2 4CH 6 Axis Gyro Flybarless RC Helicopter BNF Yellow on order from Tmart today. I'm betting my Tx arrives first. I ordered it on the 7th so it should almost be here.

No I'm not checking the tracking! I'm convinced that adds a day each time you check.
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Old Jul 17, 2014, 12:40 PM
HFP100, HFP80, YD-117, MSRx
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"No I'm not checking the tracking! I'm convinced that adds a day each time you check."

Ha,Ha, I think you're onto something. I order about once every coupe months from and I never pay the lil' bit extra to track a shipment and they always arrive just fine. I did wait about 45 days for those Esky Fb150 batteries though. I had almost lost faith, but they came just the other day.

BTW, I fly the heck out of my HFP100v2 every morning and it's really been problem free. Power is quite good, nearly as strong as the Attop YD-117, but oh so controllable with my simple tx. Beautiful in flight, and I think a great product execution. Very easy to fly, fast, visible, pure fun.

Thanks for the great review/introduction.
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Old Jul 17, 2014, 01:28 PM
I failed to crash a heli once!
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I find so many posts about folks that checked the tracking and it said this, then two days later they checked again and now it says that!

Geeze. all the drama over a toy.... really. Of course us bigger kids still act like kids, but sometimes I try to convince others that I'm mature adult and show how I can wait for gratification. I'm pretty sure I'm not convincing anyone, least of all my wife who already knows better.

I haven't had a shipment fail to arrive yet.
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Old Jul 22, 2014, 01:50 PM
Flyin' Ryan
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Just got mine. Looks like a nice little heli… can't wait to maiden it!
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Old Sep 14, 2014, 10:30 AM
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I'm extreemly well impressed by what Hisky has achieved with this FP E-Heli regarding the price/benefit relation. KUDOS!!
I will be learning to fly with this platform although some might think it's wrong to start with a flybarless FP. I can hover tail-in and hold it in my living room in less that 4 days.
Since my RTF kit from Tmart came with only one Lipo battery I will wait for the extra 2 that I ordered from Banggood before I go outside.

After minor crashes in the living room I noticed that the main shaft gear will slip down a bit causing the trim of the heli to go bad. The heli will slide right and forward if I don't press the gear back into the shaft. Otherwise it's a joy to practice hovering and holding.

@Hisky_Official: What's the point of having a slanted (to the left in flight direction) control board holder? Does it have something to do with the giro electronics?
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Old Sep 14, 2014, 10:45 AM
I failed to crash a heli once!
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I have two of these helicopters and two of the HFP80(V2) and I find that they all have similar flight characteristics (IMHO). For a really different feel fly the HFP80(V1).

I believe that either of the HFP(V2) helicopters make a good learning platform in lieu of the V911. The ease with which they hover is a bonus for most beginners. The gear slip/motor slip/landing gear popping off appears to avoid many other breakages. I laugh that it seems that I have to reassemble my heli after every (hard) crash but nothing is ever actually broken. I consider that a strength of these two models.

The only reoccurring break that I've had are tail rotors and tail booms. Broke two of the booms and I don't know how many tail rotors. I'm not crashing as hard nor as often so the spares that I laid in are mostly collecting dust for the nonce.
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Old Sep 24, 2014, 04:01 AM
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I have got one of these HFP100 with HT8 module.
I used it with FlySky FS-T6 transmitter with the following settings:
Type: Helicopter Fixed pitch
Reverse CH 2 3 4
End points 100%
Sub-trim: set to have stick trimmer to zero
Dual rate/exp: Normal Ch1 Rate 70 Exp -30 Ch2 Rate 70 Exp -30 Ch4 Rate 70 Exp 0
Throttle curve: 0, 50%, 65%,80%,100%
Mix: All off, Gyroscope: Off, Throttle hold: Off
Consider I am not an expert so I will be please to know other setting
By By
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Old Sep 24, 2014, 04:35 AM
Bash crash hopefully no splash
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Great review Subpixel

After waiting 2 and a half months for Phillipines Post to deliver mine, Banggoods were kind enough to send me a replacement (I have to say after some other internet vendors, I have found BG's to be very reputable). Got my first flights in at the weekend.

It was pretty windy, so not ideal conditions. Have to say I was a little disappointed because the cyclic response feels very muted. The lack of power and limited/slow cyclic doesn't make for good wind fighting abilities. Ended up putting it away and thrashing the HCP100 around instead. Have to say the HCP has been the best heli I've bought so far. Flew beautifully out of the box, flown heaps, crashed badly and still going strong.

The HFP V2? Compared to the V1 it's really difficult to get a decent leaned turn going. Responds very well to ruddered turns. Both birds have a lot of dampening on the servo movements so when you move the cyclic, the servo movement is slowed. This makes for smooth flight, but doesn't lend itself well to aggressive sport flying in tight spaces. Had many crashes with the V1 when elevator response lagged compared to the HCP.

Look forward to trying it in calm conditions and it's good inside. Excellent value for the money but am hanging out for the new HCP130

Has anyone tried an HCP100 motor in the FP? Seems to be more powerful, might be worth a try out.....
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