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Old Dec 26, 2004, 12:03 AM
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A Good but Rarely Mentioned Parkflyer

I spent a good part of today flying my newest RC plane: A Global/Sport Flyers Timeless Flyer which is distributed by Hobby People. I've wanted one of these planes for some time now but always bypassed it for faster more aerobatic models when the urge hit me to buy a new plane. Friday I had some Christmas bonus money burning a hole in my pocket and Hobby People had them on sale so... I decided to quit waffling and just buy one and now I'm real glad that I did. I should have bought one of these long ago.

The Timeless Flyer is an electric rudder-elevator version of an old time free-flight plane. It has a 31" fiberglass fuselage and a polyhedral 61" covered balsa wing and covered balsa tail feathers. It comes complete with a 480 brushed motor, 6" prop, and spinner in a DD configuration and that's just how I left it. I already had a CC Pixie 20P, a Berg4 MicroStamp receiver, and a couple of Hitec HS-55 servos which I salvaged from the Solite bag of balsa splinters I once called my G-Nat so I didn't have any additional expense. Today I flew it with TP2100-3S power but barring unsatisfactory performance (an unlikely scenario), I'll be switching to my TP1320-3S packs to reduce some weight.

With the stock components, the motor draws 13A at WOT. Even at 1/2-3/4 throttle, it pulls the plane through the air with good authority. Brisk climbs at 45+ degrees are possible and it will loop continuously at 3/4 throttle. It's also quite aerobatic for a big-winged R-E plane. As I already mentioned, it loops nicely, it does pretty decent rudder rolls, and it will even maintain inverted flight. As expected for a plane with a big wing, it really floats yet if you feed it the electrons or point the nose down it speeds up quite nicely.

And it thermals! I've always been a powered-flight kind of guy and don't understand the art of thermal-powered flight but I was able to go 10-15 minutes at a time without spinning the prop. I flew for over an hour on one 2100mAh battery pack and when I recharged it this evening it only took 620mAh to bring it back to full charge. At one point I circled (power off) with 3 Turkey Vultures until the plane was just a speck and the descent back to the field took nearly 5 minutes despite the fact that I did some kinetic energy aerobatics on the way down. After a touch-n-go, I climbed back to altitude and did it all over again. And again and again until I could no longer put off landing and going to the restroom.

The Timeless Flyer is a great airplane! It's like having an aerobatic glider that will ROG. Great fun! I bought it as something to fly while batteries are charging but it has already made it to my A-list.

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Old Dec 27, 2004, 12:07 AM
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Ah - AKA Cermark "New Timer" or K&S "Silky Wind" (or something very similar). I've had a turn on the sticks of one of those once - delightful flyer.
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Old Dec 29, 2004, 12:33 AM
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Thanks for the Head's-Up, PGR!

With so many "sexy" models out there, it's easy to pass up some really great ones.

Question: Did you set it up completely stock? Are you using a folding prop with that? Any assembly tips? Would like to see a photo.

I've been very "sailplane curious" and this sounds like it just might be a good way to bridge the gap and try some thermaling. Very exiciting.

(well,.. to ME, anyway)

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Old Aug 26, 2007, 11:12 AM
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Nearly a three year old thread, I know, but one of my flying buddies recently bought a Timeless Flyer, still unassembled in the box. I've been helping him put it together and it is now just about ready to fly (needs the landing gear glued in and a way to locate the battery.

I measured about 12 amps current draw with the stock motor and prop on a 2S lipo (not 3S, but 2S). With a 3S pack current draw would be about 20 amps, well over the safe maximum for a brushed Speed 480.

This model will be a nice change of pace for my buddy, who has been struggling with a Multiplex Easy Glider for some time now. The polyhedral, high aspect ratio wing, and light wing loading will make this an easy plane to fly by comparison, I'm sure.

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Old Nov 14, 2012, 07:32 PM
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Hey there flieslikeabeagle,
I just picked one of these up last week and wondering if you have any words of wisdom before I put glue to wood!
My plan is to set it up box stock with the exception of using a lipo capable esc and 2.4 spektrum 6400 mini rx (concerned about range judging from reports of its thermaling capabilities.) hs55 servos and a 1800 mah 2s 45c pack
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