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Old Jan 27, 2006, 06:11 PM
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Re: W. Craft. / $1000 & Rolex watches

$1000, REALLY! I could get an Icon or molded Supra for a grand?
Even empty, I'll take two. Maybe you are thinking a few years
ago. The digital servos, wiring harness, battery, computer Tx, Rx
and appropriate chargers - that's another grand. The X box now
looks reasonable - and you do not have to spend your free time
helping your kid turn the crunchy model into hazardous waste.
Actually, in today's dollars, getting started - and having FUN - is
less expensive than 30 years ago. For $200 (today's dollars) you
can actually walk out the door with a glider and have fun. (Less if
you pick them up at an auction.) That's what you need to explain to
the interested observer. So many of us are so proud of our costly
toys that we need to brag about how expensive they are (our bling).
(I guess it is like owning a Jag, or Mercedes, only every one knows
they are expensive so you do no have to brag verbally.) 30 years
ago you could not even build the model for the equivalent dollars -
much less get the R/C system for the plane. (A lot of models were
bought and never finished.) Back when I was in school, (I went to
my 50th H.S. reunion last summer) I do not remember having much home
work in grade school, and I didn't spend several hours every night
on school work in H. S. either. After home work, sports and
computer (or X-box) today's kids do not have as much free time (to
build) as my generation. Those that neglect their school work and
only want play video games would probably be bored by model planes
anyway. If it wasn't for those you that come into the hobby as
adults, I think this sport would have no future. :-) Regis

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> "most people I've talked to sort of zone out when you say a ship

cost $1,000
> bucks without servos. It's an especially hard sell if they're

> there with a 12 year-old son or daughter that's the one

> Food for thought - How may 10 - 12 year olds have an X-Box 360,

cell phone , laptop pc, iPod.......ect.
> 8^)
> John

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