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Old Aug 11, 2014, 07:48 AM
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If is start to spin in Yaw, you might have something wrong in Motor direction or wiring.
Can you tell us which motor turn in which direction and connected to which pin..
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Old Aug 11, 2014, 07:52 AM
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Originally Posted by Boston Bob View Post
Trying to help a friend get his vtail flying on acro naze32. Using defualt PID, as soon as we start to lift off it starts spinning in yaw direction, I can't get off the ground as it immediately spins every time. Going to try upping the Yaw P and I on next flight unless somehow has a different suggestion. Thanks in advance!
Pictures needed of props installation and motor rotation from M1 to M4.

Also, do you have the motors connected 3241 from right to left when looking at the board from behind?

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Old Aug 12, 2014, 11:03 AM
DiaLFonZo - UAV/Drone
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Hi All,

This week i found a very nice series of videos made by Tim Johnson on YouTube.
Here they are for your pleasure..

New Project: Hunter VTail 500 Quadcopter (4 min 15 sec)

Hunter VTail 500 Quadcopter - Part 1: The Frame (28 min 3 sec)

Hunter VTail 500 Quadcopter Update - EMAX 4IN1 ESC (3 min 48 sec)

Hunter VTail 500 Quadcopter - Part 2: Motors (4 min 48 sec)

Hunter VTail 500 Quadcopter Update: Change ESC and New Items (4 min 44 sec)

Hunter VTail 500 Quadcopter Update: Project Cost and New Items (7 min 51 sec)

Hunter VTail 500 Quadcopter - First Flight (8 min 34 sec)
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Old Aug 27, 2014, 08:18 AM
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I'm very fascinated with this frame. Anyone show me if there's enough room for FPV and a camera and still be nimble enough?
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Old Sep 08, 2014, 07:18 PM
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Landing Gear Weak?

Im thinking of going all out (around xmas), and getting a 500 with the hunter killer canopy.

I will put arducopter on it, running on a rtfhawk, which I am using on my helis and airplanes....

Just skimming the post above, I noticed he is not completely happy, and he mentioned breaking the rear landing gear on a not so hard landing, also clearance is an concern....

I believe I have read this before.

I am flying a Flamewheel 450 with multiwii all year. Nice thing is all that breaks on that is the arm, always in the same place, and those are $2.55 each on ebay, and really easy to replace.

I wonder if I will regret spending so much on the airframe, though it looks cool.

Im wondering about the gear, if there is an alternative yet?

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Old Sep 09, 2014, 05:33 PM
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research before buying

I am a noob trying to do my research before buying. I have a mini (LaTrax Alias) and want something bigger, in comes the V-tail 500, looks awesome and I'm thinking I'll buy the $475 T-Motor package.
My goals:
1. I want to improve my aerobatics, the Alias I have is awesome to fly but the wind pushes it around too much, I figure bigger is better in that respect.
2. FPV, my Dominator v2 goggles are already on the way, I plan to setup my mini for FPV and use it as my learner. Don't want to buy something nice and then crash it all up.
3. GPS, I want RTH, a solid hover hold, (Naza M v2 calls it Intelligent Orientation Control (IOC)) So whatever does this is what I want, I wanted Naza to work so bad but after reading all the posts it doesn't appear to be the best choice as of yet.
4. Anyone seen more on retracts? I'd love to incorporate those into my build. I hope to eventually get a pan/tilt head tracker servo thingie and mount it on the bottom of the frame. (which is why I was thinking of adding the retracts, to make it taller.) But I also have seen mentions on this forum of a leg redesign, is that something that might actually happen? And how far off?

My delima:

I'm a construction worker, I figure I'll be able to put it all together but the programming / software side has me spooked. The reason I'm thinking of the $475 package is cause the flight controller your bundle offers won't meet my goals. Naza won't work, I looked at this on HobbyKing and emailed their support asking if it supported a vtail which they said it did but he also told me that their was various software you could run on it such as (Multiwii or MegaPirateNG) so now my head is swimming.... I start to read the megaPNG forum link he supplied and didn't see anything about a vtail configuration.... so what am I seeking... Is their a flight controller out there that meets my goals above and is somewhat noob friendly and supports the vtail?

Love all the vids, I did zero work today and read this entire forum so my coworkers probably aren't as appreciative.


btw, T-Motors or the other - that big a deal? I saw a previous post where Eric said the T-Motors were more effiecient I'm more like Tim Thomas from Hometime, More power grunt grunt, so naturally I pick the more expensive cause they must be more powerful right? lol

more thoughts to add, I'm an old guy, so one of my friend's kids is big into quads (he's my go-to sorce of knowledge atm, lol) but he keeps pushing open pilot revo and atom, revo would work but the gps isn't available yet, plus who knows if that supports vtail?

lights - I love the lights I've seen on these posts, one guy had what looked like a spotlight on the nose and then red stripes on either side, then another guy had what looked like actual port and starboard lights green and red... where do you guys get these from? Are they from anywhere and you just make sure you have the appropriate connector to swap out? After adding lights, and servos, and flight controllers and vtx and etc... how do you know which battery is best? Once again I was going to do the bundle along with the suggested battery but as far as if that's enough pwr for everything I dunno... lol... I also assume it ALL taps into the lone battery onboard.
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