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I can't say I've noticed it flying RC but when thermalling full size gliders if you look down the outside wing (look up the wing more like!) then there is, more often than not, a tiny bit of up aileron. The stick seems 'centred' but obviously it is not!

This isn't done to "flatten the turn" instead it's just the place the stick needs to be to stop the bank increasing. I'm no aeronautical boffin but I suspect the differential in the airspeed over each of the wings would want to increase the bank angle...

Like I say I don't recall doing this with RC, and you would have thought that it would be quite obvious as I'd be holding off the aileron against the spring, I've a feeling that I just let it centre.

Maybe that's what you guys are describing? You're really only holding off the bank, not really flattening the turn, just stopping it corkscrewing. Perhaps whilst flying so slowly it probably doesn't need much bank anyways...

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Old Yesterday, 05:55 AM
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Thats pretty much what i noticed when slowing down the 3 meter mistral sim glider. This might be difficult to see piloting a glider from the ground. You could see it in the sticks as you control the plane "thats how i noticed i was using opposite aileron" but with the sim i can change camera perspective to have a closeup view of the glider when using a lot of rudder- elevator to make slow turns the glider seemed to require opposite aileron to maintain as flat as possible turn. If i didn't use opposite aileron during a turn the glider would increase bank angle until it tip stalled or was slipping too much to climb efficiently.
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A buddy of mine is a law judge and he told me once that there's always 3 sides to every story - his side, her side and the truth is somewhere in the middle. Now I think we're honing in on the real story. I'm happy to maintain a shallow bank with opposite ailerons. But, it definatly needs opposite ailerons to keep it shallow/flat.

From the ground looking up at altitude, my eyes have a hard time distinguishing between a shallow bank and a flat turn unless it happens to be at just the right angle. So for me I know If I keep it close to level that's about as good as it gets (for me). Of course YMMV a lot.
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