XFC v2 competition

Frank Noll wanted to spread the word that the XFC is back!


XFC V2!!

  • When - July 18-21, 2019
  • Where - Eli Field - 999 Iron Horse Lane - Monticello, Illinois 61856
XFC V2 (0 min 39 sec)


  • This is an entirely new format for R/C competition, and we feel it will bring a new interest into our sport!
  • Each team consists of a maximum of 8 pilots. The team members will be selected by a United States and International Committee respectively.
  • We want everyone to have a chance to participate. Contact your respective Team Captains. The team selection process will be finalized at a later date. 2 class category max. for your respective teams.
  • Each team will have a chance to win their particular category. At the end, the highest placing overall team will be declared XFCv2 TEAM CHAMPIONS.
  • The highest placing competitor from either team in their category will be declared the CATEGORY CHAMPION.
  • The highest overall of the 3 "Category Champions" will be declared the XFCv2 Grand Champion!!
  • One Individual competitor from either side could win 3 times. Team, Individual and Overall Champion!


$150 Entry fee required upon acceptance to the XFCv2 (includes team apparel and other accessories)

Send XFCv2 a resume of your accomplishments. Examples:

  • 3D Competition History & Accomplishments
  • Years in Hobby
  • Segment in which to compete: Heli, Plane, Jet
  • Sponsors: If so desired
  • $150 Entry fee required upon acceptance to the XFCv2
  • (includes team apparel and other accessories)

Prior XFC Competitors

  • If you have competed in prior XFC competitions, notify us of your intent to participate. No resume necessary.


  • If you have a video you'd like to share, include a link for the XFCv2 committee to review.

Learn More

Head over to the XFC site for more info.

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