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Re: No More Hobby Paints for Sale in CA???

"Matthew Orme" <> wrote:

>Big deal. It has no impact on sales. It goes on lead fishing weights, to
>electric motors. I buy special varnishes, and they all have the sticker on

The "sticker" is also being put up on every apartment complex in the
state. On ours, it even warns about the BBQ smoke, car exhaust smoke,
and tennants cigarette smoke may contain cancer causing chemeicals.
Also, just about every auto supply store I've been in has had to put
them up.

The law made it so just about anyone can sue under Prop 65. So
lawyers are going around threatening to sue just about anyone because
everything contains some microscopic amount of chemical that may cause
cancer. They basically start a lawsuit, then call whoever they are
suing and say "Pay me $XXXX and we'll drop the suit." Which of course
would be cheaper than defending yourself.

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