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Matthew Orme
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Re: No More Hobby Paints for Sale in CA???

"Gary Gullikson" <> wrote in message
> My local hobby shops say that CA enviornmental regulations make it

> to buy fuel proof model airplane paints and other items like Balsarite.
> Apparently, CA requlations require that almost everthing be labelled as
> "cancer causing",

Yes it does. It is so far reaching, as to be meaningless. Here is one
version of it
"California Proposition 65: This product may contain detectable amount of
some chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth
defects or other reproductive effects."

Big deal. It has no impact on sales. It goes on lead fishing weights, to
electric motors. I buy special varnishes, and they all have the sticker on

What is really causing the shortage is the AQMD's basic banning of solvent
based paints in anything but very small quantities. Try buying a gallon of
Thomsons Water Seal in the solvent based formula, not the oil based one they
had to replace it with here.

Give it up. The democrats run the state, and more govt is what you get.