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Re: No More Hobby Paints for Sale in CA???

Sorry you are having a problem with modeling supplies. Wonder how long it
will be before you can no longer buy anything in California. Write to Diane
Feinstein and the Democratic Party leader for California. Actually write to
any friendly Democrat you voted for since THEY are the ones who set the
rules making you are complaining about in process. It is called the law of
unintended consequences.

"Gary Gullikson" <> wrote in message
> My local hobby shops say that CA enviornmental regulations make it

> to buy fuel proof model airplane paints and other items like Balsarite.
> Apparently, CA requlations require that almost everthing be labelled as
> "cancer causing", and manufacturer's refuse to label. Hobby shop owners

> become vulnerable to law suits form opportunist lawers representing phoney
> enviornmental groups, etc.
> This has effectively curtialed supplies of not only hobby paints but

> paints and supplies, automotive paints.
> Who do we write to to complain? I have asked this same question of the

> waiting to hear from them.
> Gary Gullikson, Garden Grove, CA