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Re: No More Hobby Paints for Sale in CA???

Part of Gray Davis and his liberal "feel good" politics. You can move out of
CA, or start trying to get all those to the left to understand the impact on all
those "feel good" policies. I would have thought you guys would have learned
with the energy crisis, but you voted him back in office. The great thing about
freedom is you have the opportunity to live with what you elect or move. But to
the bright side is setting an example for those in the rest of the country that
don't understand the impact of way left liberalism to business and daily quality
of life. I bet RC being outlawed in CA is not too far down the road.

Gary Gullikson wrote:

> My local hobby shops say that CA enviornmental regulations make it difficult
> to buy fuel proof model airplane paints and other items like Balsarite.
> Apparently, CA requlations require that almost everthing be labelled as
> "cancer causing", and manufacturer's refuse to label. Hobby shop owners then
> become vulnerable to law suits form opportunist lawers representing phoney
> enviornmental groups, etc.
> This has effectively curtialed supplies of not only hobby paints but artist
> paints and supplies, automotive paints.
> Who do we write to to complain? I have asked this same question of the HIA,
> waiting to hear from them.
> Gary Gullikson, Garden Grove, CA