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The Natural Philosopher
The Natural Philosopher
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Re: No More Hobby Paints for Sale in CA???

Gary Gullikson wrote:

> My local hobby shops say that CA enviornmental regulations make it difficult
> to buy fuel proof model airplane paints and other items like Balsarite.
> Apparently, CA requlations require that almost everthing be labelled as
> "cancer causing", and manufacturer's refuse to label. Hobby shop owners then
> become vulnerable to law suits form opportunist lawers representing phoney
> enviornmental groups, etc.
> This has effectively curtialed supplies of not only hobby paints but artist
> paints and supplies, automotive paints.
> Who do we write to to complain? I have asked this same question of the HIA,
> waiting to hear from them.
> Gary Gullikson, Garden Grove, CA

Mail order is your friend....