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Originally Posted by Doubletap
Pete, it looks very nice but I wouldn't even consider it because it's RTF. I just don't need 40-50 transmitters for all my planes and I don't want to pay for additional equipment I don't need or want. Second, the model is too small; I would like to see a model that is at least capable of using a 70mm fan and 2100-2200 3S lipo.

Maybe I'm in the minority and of course sales figures don't lie, but this is my vote and I hope this input will trickle up to companies like Art Tech instead of fall on deaf ears. I'm guessing these flashy but mediocre performing RTF packages sell briskly and that's why new ones continue to be introduced to the market almost monthly now.

LOL! I hear ya and I feel ya. That is why we offer the PNP ad your own TX and RX package. You're not in a minority of anything. There is a market for the 70mm EDF size and as we speak, I am working on a F/A 18 in route to me. 70mm EDF running on 2100 to 2500 size 11.1v 3S packs. I'm here to progress this hobby and your information will not fall on deaf ears. The F/A18 looks very promising. We will wait until it arrives to put together a review!
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