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Is it DS'able?
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Originally Posted by AvB
I should chip into this amateur DS thread ... but I'm a bit shy as I think you guys are too good at DS for a member like me! Perhaps I should start a "total klutz DS thread"??

But I'm totally hooked too, and although I'd like to get some bigger numbers up when the day and the wind and the site and my availability are all synchronized ... I really just love the DS effect. Every day I do it, I am in awe of it, and still in some disbelief that it actually works (and so well!)

Sometimes it's great just to get the DS kick, even if you can't make the whole circle. I fly my little light Minij down at the beach, where it's a very small slope with a few round-ish trees down near the bottom. I love to "fly the eye of the needle", diving through a narrow gap between the lower and upper row of trees, below the spread of their upper branches, where the air's dead. The whole gap is only as big as a bus, height and length-wise and going under the branches at one end makes it exciting. Sometimes if you get it really low at the bottom almost touching the grass, you can get a kick of extra speed as you pull out, and some extra height. Then I just float around and do it again. It's great when it's so light that you can barely stay up on the front, but you can get the plane whooshing out of there. as you exit. I love that.
I know the feeling AvB. Here we have a coastal site that not many people fly because of the R-rated parking lot/people factor but there's good lift and a few palm trees that I like to "thread the needle" on. Passing behind the one tree you can see the plane bobble up and down in the swirling/dead air right behind the tree. I've swung around the tree a few times... and like you say, you can almost feel the plane gaining energy, enough to make it back around the tree anyways. DS'ng is cool 'cause of the new challenge it provides to those of us who are tired of figure eights.

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