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Thanks for the link.

I just spent an hour doing a search for potential color schemes. Lots of plastic model pictures. Not many pictures of the real thing. There is a you-tube video of one in flight surprisingly enough.

Though it's way out now. This one is kind of interesting.

Thanks for the advice Mark. I might do that with the elevator. I built something before with the angle off. It can go easily if you don't hide the linkage and just shove some flexi pushrods off each side. I think even to hide it some aileron torque rods would probably do nicely. The rudder always seems to be the one I can never think of a way to hide.

The gear go rearward. I've already got a set of air retracts laying around that will go well for this. I would think if the gear is going rearward you'd balance for gearup so you are balancing at it's most tail heavy point. Similar to the balance tank empty thing for glow flying.

If I can keep the weight down flaps shouldn't be needed. Even at a heavyweight they still shouldn't really be needed at this size anyways. We'll see how they go. I can't find any pictures of the flaps down except one bottom view from the front so I can't see if they are split flaps or conventional. I suspect conventional just from what looks like hinge lines on the top surface of the wing.

I was really thinking of doing a Westland Whirlwind but then I noticed you already did plans for that so I went looking for something else.
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