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Originally Posted by rroback
any updates on using the charger? How accurate is the balancer?
What would you like to know about the charger?
This is well broken in and reliable unit being on the market in Europe for couple of years now. It does 12S1P A123pack in 22 minutes completely balanced
The thing is it goes along with new balancer with no issues spotted.

All of the confusion regarding the balancer is its complexity and concept philosophy not falling into common stereotype what balancing is all about.
We do not know what discharging current values are. We know that max charging current is 0.75A per cell. EQUALizer charges the lower cells in expense of higher cells. If it charges one cell at.0.75A it must discharge the other at 0.75A. Over all capability must be at least 2 X 0.75A at the same time.
Balancing power is at 45W level. Find me any other balancer at this value
If considering 225W average power doing 12S1P of A123 pack ( It depends how good the supply battery is) 45W balancing power falls in 1/5 (20%) range of Pulsars charging capability (250W)

10mV on LCD screen
1mV on the computer graphing

balancing threshold
12mV - 3mV on EQUAL mode
balancer goes ON if 12mV difference is spotted
and goes OFF if cells fall in 3mV range and waits until 12mV delta builds up
Because clock on the PC graph is different then measuring timer you can see balancer goes ON and OFF while graph values oscillate between 5mV and 10mV

In FAST mode (coarse) threshld is between 25mV and 10mV with more radical balancing power distribution toward lower cells

Check the above graph again
you can see at 59 minute time frame rapidly narrowing balancing values from 25mV to 10mV in the matter of 1 minute
I have just switched from FAST balancing to fine EQUAL balancing mode

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