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I think it would be cool if we could some how calibrate size (wing span) with speed. So you could say JOe was doing OK at 72MPH but with a 36" size handicap and the size adjusted speed is XXX I think he was RIPPING!!! Maybe have the 60"er class be the default, no handicaps one way or the other and actual penalties for LARGER ships, over 60". I propose this idea to show pilots of smaller and larger ships where they are at in terms of DEMANDED skill to achieve said speed with an given wing span. I guess it would really be a skill index. It takes the same skill to fly a 72" plank at 130MPH or a 36" at say 60MPH.
I have a new 72" plank I've been flying PRETTY fast lately and it is REAL easy for me to DS at speed compared to progressively smaller ships.
Perhaps just dividing the speed, in MPH, by the span, in inches. I just ran the #'s above and they seem reasonable 1.8 skill index for the 72" at 130MPH and 1.67 for the 36" at 60MPH or 72MPH over 36" is a straight 2 on the skill index . That makes a 110" going 300MPH 2.7 on the skill index. That's not too far off either from what I know, just a bit high I think but, the extra .3 -.4 jump (total guess) could be attributed to the differences between a foamie and carbon ship because obviously a super high end CF moulie will be easier to fly then ANY foamie ever was.
I'm not the brightest bulb on the tree in these areas to allow me to see all the variables involved, this is just a start but, I really like this concept just get a rough idea about the required skill level to fly ANYTHING of ANY size fast. I think using current records for all the different size ships could further help us establish a formula to roughly judge relative skill levels.
This will NEVER be a perfect system, ignoring TONS of other factors like wind speed and AUW but, I do think it would be a quick and helpful way to roughly asses speed achievements of any pilots with any ship. Just a general guide. Anyone smart enough to refine this idea any? I've exceeded my RAM already!

I had a crazy magic DS day yesterday and I posted on it in the slope forum- front range thread if you have any interest. . . a bit long winded as usual, LOL
I will do a small blerb on "how to recognize GREAT DS sites and conditions" because this is some KEY stuff to going from, Ya I'm doing it. . . barely . . . OPPS! to Was that INSAIN or WHAT? !!! The first part is to recognise that the site and conditions are inseperably tied to one another and you DS experience is completely dependant on the interaction between the two and their resultant products! Front side air (speed, lift component, degrees off angle, and general turbulence), shear (depth, height, angle and uniformity), and back side air (spills, flows, leaks, general turbulence, or calm). ALL that stuff is KEY and a bit more concerning air mass composition, pressure, temperature, relative temperatures, convection, and instability. Terrain shapes, causing leaks, back side flows, slope angle and lip shape affect the situation too. . . OMG This is ALOT of interplaying variables, years worth really. I'll do what I can to go breif and simple but, the topic is ANYTHING but simple and a complex understanding of the situation DEFINITELY has its rewards!

In JOe's video you can hear wind noise on the camera mic generally during most of his rougher laps, and less noise during his fastest passes. Turbulence is getting to the camera mic, the wind noise you hear, and JOe's plane, scrubbing off speed and slapping that little ship around, at roughly the same moment. Obviouly JOe knows how to fly a smooth circle so, we can be fairly sure about this assessment, not so easy with a rookie all over the place, since it is harder to differenciate pilot induced FUNCK and air induced funk with a shakey fingered pilot. . . .
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