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I'm STOKED. I was starting to think I was basically a lone FREAK doing this stuff! Love the vids! I am so happy to know that unconventional DS of MANY types is not just some silly concoction! I wish we were all closer together!
I wear flip flops on cactus strewn, rattle snake infested desert ridges and slopes TOO, LOL! It helps me stay WAY cooler but my feet come home SOO dirty the shower floor may never be the SAME! On a practical note. Rattle snakes ARE a reality for many of us. Whenever I have a wing in my hand and I'm hiking in snake country, I always keep a wingtip low and in front of my feet regardless of footwear for a foam shield and decoy for the snakes to munch on! LOL, SERIOUSLY though!

If the ships are going INSANELY fast over head I have to make the call. Foam shield for the head back and neck, or snake shield. Usually I cover my head! ESPECIALLY if Nick is around! I still have that video of HIS PSS Design DSing at Jones too, that was CRAZY!

He and I have had some of THE NASTIEST DS arco combat EVER last fall! 28 ozs Predator ZomBee-asts (Full burrly coat covered) Ripping DS arco to set up for shear line entry/exit heads! Tails were lost, ships were crashed. It was SWEET! We LAUGHED! Maybe not something to do in a crowd though?

I've been learning copious amount about DS and design of DS wings and planks for the last year or more. If you guys are interested, I'd like to offer up some of this experience and, I was thinking site selection and analysis would be GREAT info for us amateurs to have. Hopefully Nick and Ian will chime in with some of their experience too! It is some serious work for me so, I want there to be interest if I'm going to do it.

What chu all tik, Brothers? This type of knowledge lead me to one of my favorite and most dynamic DS sites, right in my back yard too! I'll toss in some ideal weather conditions too since it is inseparably related!
I LOVE the spirit of this thread! Makes me feel that excited anticipation again, like being a high school VIRGIN, LOL! Or maybe part of it is from the HIGH I'm still on from yesterday's SESH! OMG!
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