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Amateur DS

Originally Posted by quadshot
Well I thought I would start a thread for all us amateur ds junkies. Us guys who love ds'ing whether we are ds'ing our weasel or carbon ship. Us who are not on the list of fastest ds'ers in the world, but just love to do it for the rush and the fun of it.

Not that I have anything against the guys who make the Big Dog list or are trying to go 400 mph. These guys are our mentors, the pros, our inspiration. But I like dsing just to ds. Like golfing just to golf, or surfing just to surf. Just because I can't golf as good as Tiger or surf as good as Slater, it doesn't lessen my enjoyment of the sport, and I love watching and learning from the pro's as well.

So anyway, this thread is dedicated to all the amateur ds'ers out there who are not trying to fly 300 mph, and are thrilled just to dive into any backside no mater what the speed for the fun of the game.

So all are welcome if you love the darkside.

Don't sell yourself short. Every one on the big dog list started out as a amateur. The problem is the faster you go, Just makes you want to go even faster next time. And before you know it, your trying to crack 300mph It will happen to you too. Good luck Scott
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