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Originally Posted by nuttcaze
I know these vids are helpful for basic info, just not sure if its worth putting them in here, judge for yourself.

My HBFP guide (old vids but still good info)

My HBK II guide (again, just basic info on this heli)

My Belt CP guide (same as the others)
Nice work nuttcaze! I hadn't seen those before.

IMO these videos should be linked from the first post of the active megathreads for these helis. The HBFP and HBK2 threads are in this forum. Belt CP thread is in the Mini Helis forum.

This post is more of a general guide. If I add videos, it would get messy very fast. There dozens of videos for each heli on youtube. For example, subzzzzzzzero also did a King2 series with lots of videos.

so...I think the experts in each heli-specific megathread should decide which videos get special attention, in the first post of those threads. Does that make sense to you guys?


ps I considered linking the Finless "Heli Skills 101" videos here, since they cover general skills and techniques...but they live on another that bad netiquette? Most guys seem to find them anyway...
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