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I'm assuming these are the 5000 lipopack, and not A123s, NiMH or NiCds:

Originally Posted by enoctis
1. Can I charge my Venom 5000mah faster using more amps (1.25hr @ 5amps)?
No - not necessarily.

I strongly suggest you follow the mfgrs recommended charge rate (typically 1C; 5000 mA for a 5000mAh pack). Some will tell you to go ahead and charge at 2C or 3C, but as you will operate (well) outside the spec - be prepared to pay the price...

I should note that I haven't checked the C-rating on the Venom packs.

Originally Posted by enoctis
2. Can you charge them as quickly as you discharge them without causing any damage?
Most likely NO!

Some of todays lipos can be discharged up to 30C and above. They do NOT stand such a high charge current. 1C is the generally accepted max charge current - a few exceptions do exist though.

If you only draw 1C at discharge, then the answer is yes. Otherwise NO.

I'm not aware that even A123/K2s can stand similar charge amp to discharge amps. But can't remember seeing any reports of them don't handling it either...

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