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Originally Posted by Ampdraw
Tried al tube inserts a few days ago in standard boom but wires didn't fit and press fit was too tight ended up splitting boom on trial fit so fitted old shorter boom (-6mm) for now. Tried alu boom not so long ago.. not as strong sideways but good torsionally. Want rock solid cf boom (dreaming) without opening frame mount out. Whats the story with mag wire? It is lighter but why is it stronger? Is it avail at elec stores described as magnet wire? Saw stuff that had epoxy coating for insulation instead of std rubber is that the stuff? Normal solder to plug wires and tail wires or new virgin plug and crimp? As you can see concentrating on sorting tail before it arrives!!
yes standard epoxy enamel coated wire, lighter, doesnt break or short as easy as stock tail wires- single wire -not multi strand.

multi strand can partially break in a crash and only get part of the power you should-has happened a few times to me!

got 4 different guages at radio shack for under $5

soldered old tail wire conn. on to it

alu booms are ok and cheap- my lhs has one that is exact diameter of 4#3 boom-$2 for 8-10 booms isnt bad

once they bend you can bend back for smooth flight- but will eventually be s shaped

I dream of a solid boom too

marios is great-but want smaller heli

think harder materiel in smaller dia. is best route-then if pressure fitted -wont bend in crash as easily

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