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Originally Posted by Ampdraw
Thanks Jason
I am waiting impatiently for delivery. Ehirobo has shipped it yesterday (ordered Tue 7pm) so fingers crossed will be here soon. If blade screws are crap they are probably not high tensile like the V1's are (presume so as they are black). Will V1 screws fit. B's screws locate into aluminium don't they which is why they may break as they would be fine metal thread not coarse thread like V1. They may be designed to absorb shock by bending with super crash like Gauis are but I haven't heard of people bending them. Going to linish 3mm carbon tube (smallest avail at LHS) down to 2.6mm for press fit tail boom tonight sick of 2.5 mm getting twisty due to set screw. Will prob do to B as well.
my v2 blades were getting floppy, think it is not the screw as much as the bladeholder wearing

used some v1 blade screws-the bit into the alu better-

they are 1-3mm too long though-works fine-just not as asthetically pleasing

I am going to get slightly smaller diameter steel or brass boom and dip in my liquid electric tape to make nice pressure fitted boom

smaller diameter should offset any weight gain

I use magnet wires on tail anyway, so narrower boom is ok

that might be a good forgotten mod!

tip of the day:

first time you change your tail/boom replace stock wires with magnet wire

stock wire will partially break in boom on bad crash -even if boom doesnt break, can give hard to find problems with tail

makes your tail even more worry free

whole tail is only part walkera didnt improve in some way between v1 and v2

wish they had!

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