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Batteries 101

More cells = more voltage = more speed
Larger MAh = longer run time = longer charge time

At the LHS where I work, I often compare batteries to the engine and fuel tank in a car. Battery cells are like pistons in an engine, more cells (pistons) usually means more speed; but that depends on things like the motor, prop size, and any gearing. The MAh rating is the size of the fuel tank, a higher MAh rating means a longer run time as well as a longer charge time.

I had some 6 cell 1700 MAh batteries that I run in several boats, all are direct drive from the motor to the prop - no gear or belt reduction is used. In my 1:10 scale Crackerbox, I get about a 5 minute run time. I have a 30" PT Boat with the same props as my Crackerbox, slightly different motors, and I get close to 15 minutes run time. That same 1700 MAh will run the AquaCraft Pirate Ship almost an hour.
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