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The nutball is fantastic, thank you goldguy.

I built the 17inch version yesterday and it was really underpowered with the first motor i used (towerpro 2410-8T), it was also very unresponsive to control inputs.

I switched to a 2408-21T i had on another plane and it is fantastic. It feels totally overpowered but is a complete blast. will hang on the prop with just a tiny amount of throttle and very fast when wanted. What a superb design and it looks like it will take a real beating. I guess it was unrepsonsive just because it wasn't shifting enough air.

I'm not a very accomplished pilot and in just a couple of packs i have started to get a taste for how capable it is. So slow when you want and then a complete speed machine too. Harriering is great fun and I've never hovered so easily.

Before swapping to the new motor i enlarged the rudder surface and have now dialed in some expo as i don't think it needed it. May leave it large though for now.

Great in the confined space of a small recreation ground next to my house.

An instant favourite, thanks again!!
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