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Originally Posted by tymbrewolf
Art, I have found that leaving the paper on is problematic due to weight and due to the fact that is less resilient in crashes. I would think that coroplast would be lighter than leaving the paper on and tougher. Haven't weighed the two of course. Use a 7x6 prop on that motor as recommended by lazertoyz it will handle it and really does well on my 17" paperless board NB, MY FAVORITE PLANE!!!

P.S. Your motor is mounted too low according to the master's teaching unless you have added in more than the recommended down thrust.

Of course mine ramblings are only to help and can and should be corrected, but I believe I am correct.
Motor mounted too low? It's got 5* downthrust.....Hummmmmmm. Will find out today with the lighter battery... and, more forward!!
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