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Originally Posted by thewz
What's the weight?
Heavy! I just weighed it and it's a whopping 6 3/4 oz.... That Artboard is heavy! Another thing, I used Balsa, 1/2" X 1" for the fus stick, again heavy..
I flew it yesterday, unsuccessfully, with an E-Flite 7.4V 800mah lipo.. Had the CG set at 25% and kept moving is back, 30%, 35%, but all it wanted to do was nose first in the air... So, am changing the Velcro now so I can move it forward, to the nose!!! Seemed awful tail heavy and found that I had to put a lot of down in the elevator to get it to go straight... Again, today, am trying the moving towards the nose to see if that will get it flat flying.. and use a lighter Lipo, WOW 7.4 350mAh pack... 29gr vs 42gr.... And, as luck would have it, the winds are still calm!
It's the 17gr motor from Lazer, swinging a 7/3.5 prop, GWS Grey...Maybe I should drop down to a 6" prop??
Anyway, got another "Problem flyer" but am going to get it up, come hell or high water!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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