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Originally Posted by artlane
Originally Posted by woolebugr
Lee mentioned using flux when you solder. This isn't necessary if you buy rosin core solder. The rosin is the flux and it's already in the solder.
Ya, but sometimes you have to be careful with this solder... If your soldering joints on a circut board, it's not a good idea to use it... Will eventually work into the circut board, and KAPUT, yer receiver is done for.....
I remember a few years back, there was always talk about the "Black wire syndrome". Has anybody heard of reocurrances on this??
When I learned to solder electronics (too many years ago to count),
rosin core solder was what one was supposed to use on electronics (was safe for electronics).
If the solder did not have a rosin core, then one needed extra rosin flux to clean off the surfaces for the solder to 'stick' well to those surfaces.
The solder to avoid using with electronics (would eat the electronics eventually) was acid core solder (meant for soldering copper pipes, which I have only done once or twice).
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