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3 Year Anniversary Special

3 Years after the Maiden Flight, She is still going strong and more acrobatic than ever

The ol' SSEP has seen NiCds, NiMHs, Lipos, Motor Upgrades three times, Spills, Dumps, Crashes, Hit a Tree, Broke the Wing .... Oh Gosh, 2 .... 3 times The Covering is faded and peeling ... But It just keeps on Going and keeps on giving.

Had it out today for this special edition anniversary flight. It was a real performer doing stall turns, knife edge flight, snap rolls. As is still the case, to really get the most out of this plane you have to upgrade the motor, ESC and batteries to Brushless / Lipo. But with a current sale price of $104 this plane still really is a bargin, even if you use the stock motor and set up as a paper weight. (GP really should / could stock this model with something that could really fly it well for next to nothing in upgrade charges - Oh well, guess that's why I am not GPs marketing director )

Super SportSter EP 3 Year Anniversary Special (3 min 42 sec)
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